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Hello, hello…

My name is Barbara and I live in Texas with my beloved husband.
I am trained as Psychologist (Business psychologist/Marketing Manager) and violinist. Yes, it seems to be pretty far from each other, but… who said you can’t do this?! I love writing and I am crazy about healthy, organic stuff.

I am tired today = I am thyroid today

This blog won’t be about my education and work experience at all, so let me tell you why I am really here. Since 2 years I am fascinated with organic and healthy lifestyle more than ever before. I am thyroid today blog is a true story how one diagnose changed my life paradoxically for better. I would like to share with you my passion for natural products, healthy foods, organic cosmetics and explain why these things are such important.

Take control

If you think this blog is another source of ready solutions how to treat your thyroid completely (in some cases it is not even possible), I have to tell you something important – each case is different and the progress of your treatment depends on a stadium of your disease, your organism and simply – decisions you make every day. You choose what you eat, and what products you use. You choose taking synthetic hormones, natural hormones or something else. My point is that all of the things I do, I do with full responsibility and awareness of the consequences which may occur and it is my free choice. I hope you will read this blog with open mind and understanding.
See you soon!
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My name is Barbara. On this blog I share passion for clean beauty, skin care & non-toxic makeup. Collaboration: cleanbeautyblogger@gmail.com

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