Modern wheat – hidden killer

Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh, baked, crispy bread? You can have it with your favorite butter or just with a drop of olive oil with some herbs… or slice of Italian ham. Mmm delicious! Isn’t it? I still remember those times when my grandma was baking bread in her house and I was trying it before it cool down, she was getting mad at me saying: “now you will have a stomachache or tangled intestinal (!) because it is too hot!“. The truth is I’ve never had a stomachache or any other bad sides effects that time, and always felt amazing and satisfied after tasting this bread. And then what happened?
Wheat happened
When the years went by, I started feeling a bit different after eating bread (not only bread, but also cakes, muffins, pasta – everything containing wheat). Of course I was buying it in a bakery (my grandma cannot bake it for me forever), but it didn’t matter if I bought my bread in the best bakery in the middle of Paris or I made it myself at home – right after I ate it, I had these weird symptoms: bloated stomach and brain fog first and then after a few hours I had horrible headache and fatigue. I also noticed that I suffer from constipation and some skin problems like acne (age over 25?!). Why didn’t I notice it earlier? Why it affects me just now? Because modern wheat is not the same wheat anymore.
Are you ready? If you do not want me to ruin all of your warm thoughts about tomorrows breakfast like fresh bread and puffy pancakes in the morning, maybe you should close this article and keep yourself calm, but completely unaware. Well, if you’re still here it means you are one of those brave people, who do not want to be deceived by the system anymore. Good job my friend!
Real wheat is gone
Okay, let’s think why if you put a word ‘wheat’ into your google browser the things which appear first are: “Wheat allergy”, “Why wheat may cause inflammation in many people ” and stuff like this? Because that happens a lot nowadays and people started to notice it. Before wheat ever existed, people used to eat einkorn wheat (small spelt).


This wheat contained 14 chromosomes, while modern wheat contains 42 chromosomes! Why it grew to such extent? Geneticists in 60s-70s started to insert/delete genes in order to obtain higher yields. In those times they did not think how it may affect our health, they just wanted to make more money. Let’s check what about modern wheat says Dr. William Davis, author of the book titled ‘Wheat Belly’ (btw belly is not here with no reason 😉 ) –
This thing being sold to us called wheat—it ain’t wheat. It’s this stocky little high-yield plant, a distant relative of the wheat our mothers used to bake muffins, genetically and biochemically light-years removed from the wheat of just 40 years ago.
Any comment needed?
Sad truth
Have you ever thought why after you eat one cookie you want another one and actually you could finish all box of them if only your stomach capacity would be big enough? This happens because one of the components of the wheat is gliadin, which our digestive system changes into exorphin (exogenous opioid peptide!). Exorphin works similar to morphine – like drugs. It intensifies your appetite, causes hunger, makes you addicted from eating bread and other pastries – this is really why you want to finish this box of cookies even if you are not really hungry. Shocked? I haven’t finished yet.
In patients with schizophrenia when they stopped eating wheat – they did not have such serious hallucinations.
Gliadin works also like an opium, which causes many side effects. In researches from 70s psychiatrists noticed significant improvement in patients with schizophrenia when they stopped eating wheat – they did not have such serious hallucinations. If you are still not convinced that eating wheat literally kills you – your brain and body, I have to tell you there is second ‘silent killer’ in wheat. Protein called gluten. Basically gluten can cause your organism to produce more antibodies in body. This means that your own organism will be against itself – look at all of the autoimmune diseases (for instance Hashimoto thyroiditis). I will surely write separate article about gluten, because it is much more to say, however now I will just give you some examples of  harmful effects what gluten may cause: 
  • villous atrophy – it means that you do not absorb the food so well, in fact you do not have enough vitamins and minerals in your organism (read more here)
  • migraines
  • brain fog 
  • fatigue
  • bloated stomach
  • skin problems
and much, much more.
Your choice
Honestly I was always a bread-lover, however after I experienced such influence on my body and read so many articles I decided to stop eating wheat. I would lie if I said it wasn’t hard at the beginning, but if you stop eating wheat, you really won’t regret it. I do not want to tell anyone what to do, but why don’t you just try to get rid off wheat from your diet for 4 weeks? If you won’t see any difference – you can always go back. You can really find so many tasty products without wheat, gluten-free.
More about wheat you’ll find in books:
  • ‘Wheat Belly’ – Dr. William Davis (here is the article about wheat – silent killer)
  • ‘Grain Brain’ – Dr. David Perlmutter and Kristin Loberg
Do you have any questions? Would you like to share your experience with wheat and gluten? Feel free to leave a comment! 🙂
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11 thoughts on “Modern wheat – hidden killer”

    1. Thank you for commenting. Well, yes try to eliminate bread if you can, or if you are not gluten intolerant at least buy rye grain bread – this is not as much processed as wheat is 🙂
      Have a great evening,

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    1. Hi Eleanor,
      Ezekiel bread is the best of gluten- containing breads I would say. It has less gluten than whole wheat, no sugar, no preservatives. If you are not that gluten intolerant, it may work really good for you! I also noticed that I digest a little better if I eat rye bread (on natural leaven) which I used to make myself, however I feel much, much better when I completely removed gluten from my diet. Also because I am in high risk of autoimmune disease it is better for me to avoid gluten (gluten may increase antibodies responsible for Hashimoto disease). I actually eat GF bread very occasionally, because many GF products are so processed as well… ;(
      If you feel good after eating Ezekiel bread and do not feel the difference when you stop eating gluten at all- Ezekiel made of barley and rye is a good choice.
      Hope it helped,


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