Monthly summary – October

Hello my dear readers & followers! Here we are… in November already! Time flies so fast. Today I do not have a long article for you (like I usually do) I just wanted to sum up my first month of blogging, actually a bit less than a month – my first post has been published in Oct 10th, anyway...
It’s been a very good experience, I really like to ‘dig’ deep in the books and researches to write some interesting (I hope…) articles for you. As you know I fight with hypothyroidism and this blog is mainly to prove that you can enjoy your life in 1000% even if you have underactive thyroid gland. Moreover, I love just sharing with you my passion to healthy lifestyle; foods, cosmetics, herbs. I know we cannot avoid everything unhealthy in this world, but at least we can try to choose healthier, organic stuff and exchange fast foods (hamburgers, fries, donuts etc.) to a different ‘fast foods’ like smoothies, veggies or fruits. Does it take so long to take with you some carrots or an apple as a snack?
Sometimes we need a break from reading very detailed articles about thyroid disorders and toxic substances in your bathroom… (by the way – if you haven’t read yet click :D) that is why for today I’ve got for you mix of pictures from my instagram profile.
Enjoy! 🙂
PS Next article is gonna be about Peruvian MACA root – energy booster. I am writing it just now, so I’ll share with you very soon!
Have a great day 🙂
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My name is Barbara. On this blog I share passion for clean beauty, skin care & non-toxic makeup. Collaboration:

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