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When you suffer from hypothyroidism or other hormonal imbalances, your skin suffers with you. Usually face becomes pale, dull, more sensitive. Hormonal acne may occur too. You may also notice dehydration which means extremely dry skin. Your skin type is actually very hard to classify – on one hand you have a very dry spots, with visible coming-off dead skin, on the other hand you struggle with very oily areas like for example shiny forehead or T area. How to deal with this problems and get back radiant, healthy-looking skin?

Find a reason

First of all, it is good to find out what is the main cause of your skin problems. I was suffering from terrible acne for more than 5 years and what I can tell you from experience – check your hormones levels. I never knew this may be my root cause of acne. I thought it was caused by sweets like chocolates or too much cheese and milk in my diet. I stopped eating almost everything. I got to the point where I had a bowl of rice and a bottle of mineral water before me, because I was afraid of eating anything else. I do not recommend… It will just make you frustrated. My skin was still in a terrible condition even if I stopped eating my favorite desserts. I was looking at all of these people having no acne, eating pizza, drinking coke and I was asking myself – why do they have a perfect skin? Well, I believe what you eat surely has an influence on your skin, hair, teeth, however in my case, food just was not the main reason of acne.

Hypothyroid welcome to

I remember when I was studying in Europe, I was so desperate and I spent my last money to visit one of the best private dermatologist’s clinic (very expensive). The doctor saw me and just said – I cannot help you, I am sorry, but first you need to have your thyroid hormones levels done, because this looks like you have advanced, hormonal acne. Do this and then come back. I was shocked. How come he cannot help me?! How thyroid can cause my skin problems? Few months later I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism… When I started to take thyroid medications (to deliver more hormones to my body), my skin got much better. It does not mean that now I do not have any skin problems, but at least I have it normalized, because before that my face was red and infected, no matter what I used.

My 4 best skin solutions

As I mentioned after thyroid medications my skin looks better, but I am still having some ‘worse periods’. In the winter my skin is extremely dry and I need stronger moisturizer, in the summer I need detox and something for too oily skin. Always something, but do not worry, there are some tips I applied to my daily skincare routine and it seems like it works.
#1 Be careful with hard water
I barely use water to clean my skin. Sometimes water in a tap is hard and/or contains a lot of chlorine or fluoride (depends on the area where you live) which makes your skin even more dry. To clean my skin from make up, I use micellar cleaning water. Innovative micellar technology helps to easily get rid off even waterproof make up. It also helps to keep your skin moisturized and balanced. I always find some micellar waters with no parabens, fragrances or soap.
For example Bioderma Sensibio H2O or Green Pharmacy with chamomile extract.
#2 Use face scrub
Scrubs helps to get rid off dead skin cells and cleans clogged pores. I like to use a delicate scrub everyday, but if you think it may be too much for you, you can scrub your face 1-2 times in a week. As you know I am eco, paraben-free freak 🙂 so I am testing natural brands scrubs or make a it myself: you can use honey & sugar, coconut oil & sugar, ground oatmeal or ground coffee beans. Here you’ll find some interesting recipes for DIY scrubs.


#3 Moisturize your skin
Your skin needs moisturizer, even if you suffer from acne. If you try to dry your pimples but some gels etc, your skin may become too dry. You need silicone-free, natural cream. Honestly I am having a hard time finding a good one in the market, because most of the brands (even very expensive, claiming to be organic) are not cruelty free – they test on animals, they are not parabens and PEG-free and they contain silicones. In Europe I was buying ingredients and making creams myself, here I am still on my way to find something good. If you recommend anything – I will be glad if you share a comment.


#4 Use face mask
There are many face masks available, but not all of them are really good for your skin. Some may contain silicones – which just give you impression of soft skin for a moment and then blocks your pores. What I recommend for acne and skin problems like redness etc. is natural clay. I make my own mask of red clay – there are a few kinds of clay, but red seems to be the most effective to fight with acne. I mix 2 tbsp with a little bit of warm water, make paste and put it on my face for about 15-20 minutes. Effect? Radiant, moisturized skin with less visible pores. Another mask, very easy to prepare, giving extra-moisture effect is made of avocado. You use 1/2 soft avocado, 2 tbs hot water, 1 ts honey. You will be a green monster for 20 minutes, but it is worth it – later your skin is radiant and looks amazing.


I hope you find this ‘outward’ skincare tips useful. I believe that you can improve your skin condition mainly from the inside (check hormones levels, take supplements & vitamins, hydrate yourself by drinking water), but these treatments may be supportive. Let me know what do you think! Do you guys know any good, organic brands? Share in comments.

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