Monthly summary – November

Hey guys! It’s been 2 months since I started blogging and I am still really enjoying it. As I promised, I am gonna share with you little summary of each month. Here we go!

November most popular articles
  1. Coffee and thyroid
  2. My best sources of knowledge about hypothyroidism
  3. TOP benefits of Maca Root
  4. Charcoal soap – natural skin detox
You guys really were interested if coffee is a good thing for your thyroid, well one coffee daily won’t kill you – do not be too crazy, we have to enjoy little things in life! Also I received some comments about charcoal soap, seems like some of you really appreciate benefits of charcoal. Thank you for all the comments, It’s my pleasure to respond to all of you! 🙂
My favorite products of November
  • The Maca Root Powder – which review you can find here
  • Charcoal Pacha Soap
What’s more, I gained some new followers on instagram account, thank you so much! If you do not follow me yet, you can change it by simply clicking on a button bellow 🙂


Insta mix
I am also preparing little surprise for you all with one of my favorite organic brands, details very soon on the blog. Stay updated! 🙂


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