Pacha soaps review and… giveaway!

Today I’ve got for you a review of hand crafted soaps by Pacha Soap. As you know I am crazy about organic, natural ingredients, so when I saw Pacha ingredients, I was shocked – pure nature! Essential oils, no parabens, silicones or animal testing. I didn’t want to believe when I saw these wonderful colors in the box – which are usually artificial colors (they look like candies by the way) – but on the package it clearly says: colored with herbs, plant extracts, roots and clays.
Pacha Soap is clean. This means it’s free of parabens, harsh surfactants, sulfates, propylene glycol, phthalates, petro-chemicals, dyes and anything else you may want to avoid. With scents like lavender, cinnamon, patchouli and rosewood, each bar is handcrafted, all-natural and environmentally sustainable.
I opened my box and wanted to try all of the soaps as soon as possible. What are my impressions?


Smells so good
First of all, when I opened the box, the air filled up with an amazing scent. Red grapefruit, patchouli, lavender, almonds…  I love the scent of every single soap. If someone would ask me which one is the best, I would probably fail, because it is so hard to decide. Anyway, if you get lost in fragrances & soaps types Pacha will help you with their guide, attached to every order.


Variety of choice
Each soap is different; different color & different properties. Some of them are better to wash face only (like for instance clarifying charcoal – I use for face and the neckline, more charcoal properties you’ll find here, or ruby red grapefruit for face wash), some are good to wash your hands (for instance this one from limited edition HOLIDAY mint medley) some for entire body (like almond goat’s milk bulk ).


Soothing not drying
Hard water with chlorine and fluoride is not too good for your skin. It makes it dry, dehydrated and your Ph may not be balanced anymore. Usually when I used to wash my body with regular soaps containing not really natural ingredients, I struggled with too dry skin. Especially in hypothyroidism – one of the most common symptom is dry/dehydrated skin, so it is better to be careful, because you can easily make it even worse. Pacha Soaps blended with natural oils really help to eliminate my dry skin problem. I have noticeable softer and moisturized skin – I got rid off annoying light, thin, web-like lines on the surface of my skin.
Dirty Hippies, Clean Purpose
What I really appreciate is that Pacha Soap is a brand with mission and it is not only empty, marketing slogan. They support W.A.S.H. (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene), which basically means that by buying Pacha Soap you can provide clean water & soap for those who really need it. Also you’re helping to create livelihoods.
I really liked the soaps. They are natural, really cleanse and moisturize your skin, look & smell very good. I have to admit that sometimes they become slippery when wet, so in the shower it is easy to drop the soap. Anyway, I really like the effect after using Pacha Soaps. My favorite is:  clarifying charcoal soap, because it makes my face looking much better. My skin isn’t oily and pores seems to be smaller. It is worth it even though you can drop it sometimes in the shower…  I’ll have to invest in a better soap dish, I guess 🙂
Where to buy
You can find Pacha Soaps in Whole Foods Market or order online directly from the manufacturer on their website here. There is also another option…

You can WIN free original Pacha Soap Variety Box!

How to enter the contest? Go to iamthyroidtoday instagram account and follow the instructions under the contest picture on instagram.



Note: Contest is available for US residents only. The winner will be announced before New Year’s Eve on December 31st.  Good luck! 🙂

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