December is over & 2016 too! Monthly summary.

Welcome after pretty long holidays break. Hope you’re doing well, had a wonderful time and didn’t eat too much junk food harmful for your thyroid… Are you ready for 2017? Ready or not, it has already begun. Wish you all all the best by the way! I hope you will enjoy reading my articles even more 😀 (ok that’s my wish, but…) Anyways, I am back with new ideas and fresh energy. Hope you are motivated too, because how to survive in this world without any motivation? 

Monthly summary

Like every month I’ve got for you a little summary of what happened on the blog.
In December I gained about 60 new followers on instagram
The most popular article on the blog was Smoothies – health and mood boosters
I also run a giveaway in collaboration with Pacha Soap, congratulations again to the winner – @bethannysudibyo 
I am looking forward to new collaborations this year! Stay tuned to be able to read an interesting review, get a discount or win some good stuff.

Insta mix

Don’t forget to follow my profile on instagram and page on FB. 
See you soon!



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My name is Barbara. On this blog I share passion for clean beauty, skin care & non-toxic makeup. Collaboration:

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