Cleaning skin with… oil?! All you should know about oil cleansing method OCM

Hey guys! Today I am gonna share with you about my newest discovery – oil face cleansing method. Of course it is not my invention, but I had no idea about it until my sister in law Ana recommended it to me about 2 weeks ago. She said it is a good solution for her recently acne-prone skin, so may also be good for my dry-combination skin. Well, at the beginning it sounded pretty crazy to me – how can you clean your face with oil, especially when you have acne which means you have already too much sebum in your pores?… However, I had nothing to lose – I had skin problems for some reason during holidays (maybe travelling, I do not know), it looked horrible, so I decided to try this method. And thank you Ana! 🙂 By the way, she has this amazing website here with awesome handmade stuff if you want to check it out.
What is oil cleansing method (OCM)?
I am sure some of you know this feeling when after washing your face with gel, soap, foam (any cheaper face skin product), your skin feels too tighten and dry (if your skin is normal to dry type). If you have too oily skin, after you wash it you feel that you got rid off the oil, but after a while, your skin gets oily even more and more breakouts occurs. Sounds familiar? Well, I have dry combination skin type, so for me it is a challenge to find a good product to clean my face. Charcoal soap about which I wrote here cleanses great, but after some time I to moisturize my skin, although I still use charcoal soap for some areas of my face. Anyways, I wanted to check this OCM.olive-oil-968657_640
OCM is nothing but cleaning your skin with natural oils. The concept of this method is that the oil is suppose to dissolve the oil which is hardened and stuck with dirt in your pores. Sounds disgusting, putting oil on hardened oil in pores… Just do not think to much 😀 Oil dissolves oil, and let’s stick to that info. After you put oil on your face, massage it gently for about 3 min and cleanse with wet, hot towel – I use filtered hot water on my towel. Hot water & steam open the pores and leave them unclogged by releasing oil and dirt. I repeat cleansing my face with towel 2-3 times until I do not feel any oily film on my face.laurier-1763690_640
Effect? Clean and amazingly smooth skin! Even if you have some white/blackheads after cleaning your face like this you can easily remove them manually. Just rinse your face one more time and enjoy clean skin.
 What oils to use?
The most common, anti inflammatory, cleansing oil used as a base in OCM is castor oil. However, because this oil is very strong and thick and too much can make your skin actually too dry (!), it is recommended to mix it with lighter oil or oils – for instance sunflower seeds oil, olive oil. If you are going to prepare your own blend add twice the amount of other oil as Castor Oil. If you do not want to use castor oil for any reasons, you can use hazelnut oil as a base and as a second oil: coconut, argan, avocado etc. I personally love coconut oil – it makes my skin fresh and radiant. However, everyone’s skin is different, so the oil which works for me, may not be working for you. Whatever you choose, remember to make sure that it is real, natural and 100% organic oil. You have to test on yourself which one works best for you. I found that one with a good reviews, maybe I will try it soon, so I’ll let you know how it works.  olive-oil-1596639_640
Note: I heard that some people noticed more breakouts after about week or 2 of using OCM, but it was just ‘adjustment period reaction‘ and later skin looked much better. Probably because your skin is detoxifying this is how it may react. I didn’t notice anything like this, in my case after a week my skin was just visibly cleaner, even little clogged pores on my forehead disappeared completely! This is the most amazing to me, because I was always fighting with them, but never effectively… until now 🙂
What I like about OCM
  • It removes make up. I do not have to worry about having 4-5 different gels, lotions etc. to get rid off my mascara, eye shadows or foundation. Oils removes my make up amazingly quickly and effective.
  • It is cheap – how much better is to invest in 2 organic oils than a few cleansers/make up removals of good brands?
  • It is natural – organic oils – naturally cleansing
  • It does not remove protective barrier of your skin like majority of cheap soaps and face cleansing products
  • It leaves skin moisturized – if you find perfect oils for your skin type, you may not need that much moisturizing cream, because your skin have enough moisture from the oil 🙂


I hope you are encouraged to try this method. Let me know how it works for you and maybe you recommend some particular oils? Leave a comment bellow.
See you soon!

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