How to choose the best beauty supplement?

There are so many supplements and vitamins available on the market nowadays. In the pharmacies, local stores we can see huge shelves full of colorful bottles and jars. Online we can find even more… but which supplements are really helpful? How not to get crazy with them all? Today I will show you how to choose best beauty supplements for women.

Track, then attack!

If you do not want to get crazy with a variety of supplements, you should try to find out what is your main problem first. Hair loss, acne, weak nails? The supplement for hair growth will not help with acne etc. and also from experience I can tell that if something is for everything (like some of multivitamins for almost every problem of your life) it won’t help with anything… why? Because this one supplement will not provide all of sufficient amounts of vitamins & minerals you need. For example; biotin to work for hair growth (especially for those with hypothyroidism – read 7 essential nutrients for optimal thyroid function) have to be taken at least in amount of 10 000 mcg (10mg), but I found that often in multi-supplements/vitamins there is only like 300 mcg of biotin – which is really too little if you already have hair-loss problem.
On the other hand, if you have splitting nails, you may research a little bit on the internet and you’ll find out that you need vitamins from B group, calcium and zinc. Then, you should focus on those supplements which contains exactly these vitamins and minerals which you need, but in a bigger amounts. My point is – hit the spot. You do not need complicated ingredients which just fill the capsules in very little amounts – you need to find the source of the problem and then beat it!


Research tips

It is hard to decide which brand to choose. I also noticed that sometimes in local stores unfortunately the prices are higher than for instance on amazon. Amazon have another helpful feature – users opinions & reviews. If the people who bought it before you are not happy, there is a high possibility you won’t be either. Check some comments before you click ‘add to cart’, so your chances to avoid disappointment increases. However, you have to be careful with buying online – some supplements, mainly liquids – may be delivered in a leaky bottle (I had once such a story), some also may be fake – make sure you are buying from trusted seller.Placeholder Image
Tip: try not to focus on a reviews on a website of particular brand, because they sometimes buy users opinions – this is why they always have 5 stars! Not fun. Check on a few websites and amazon – this is the best way from my personal experience.

My TOP beauty supplements

Beauty surely is inside you, but do not be foolish – with thinning hair, acne on face and splitting nails you neither look nor feel too attractive. Right? If you already found out that you have hypothyroidism or other condition ruining your health and appearance and you take certain medications (hormones etc.), you may want to support yourself with supplements. Here you go. Bellow I present my top hair & nails & skin supplements. However, what worked perfectly for me, may not be that great to you, but I really, really recommend to find it out on your own 🙂
  1. Stress Management Calivita – I got this supplement in Europe and it works amazing. The name suggests that it manages stress (maybe…), but for me it worked amazingly for nails and hair growth! This is supplement mostly contains vitamins from group B. You can find in USA a lot of supplements containing vitamins from group B – make sure the amounts are pretty big, so you will notice that your nails and hair are stronger.
  2. Herpanacine – skin support system. This supplement has a crazy amounts of vit A (12500Ul = 250% daily value) & E (100Ul covering 333% of daily value). Vit A & E are crucial for skin health. It also contains Zinc and Selenium – all of this together creates a great skin boost! It is also free of dairy, wheat, sugar, artificial preservatives, flavor or fragrance. Yay!
  3.  Country Life Biotin 10mg – this product did wonders when I was struggling with extremely bad hair loss. Although it took a month to see the results, the effect was worth it. I highly recommend this type of biotin!
  4. Collagen type 1 & 3 – this supplement is available in powder or capsules. As for me, it helped with the skin which is visibly brighter while taking this powder and not that dry anymore. Also nails looks much better & shiny. It contains 6000 mg of collagen + vit C to help you absorb collagen. More >>> 
  5.  Floradix iron in Herbs – we usually connect iron with anemia and that is correct, but actually this element is crucial to stop hair loss even if you do not have anemia condition. I used to have iron deficiency and I tried a lot of iron tablets even prescribed – which were working really bad for me – constipation, vomiting, bloating or all of it together 😦 A friend recommended to me this one and I can testify that it is amazing – it contains vitamin C which helps to absorb the iron and also it is natural, made with herbs. Tastes herbal, but more like sweet syrup.
    I hope my guide helped you a little bit, so next time you will buy your supplement much faster and it will be working for your particular condition. Remember that obviously the best source of vitamins and minerals are foods, and supplements are just to help with the deficiency, not to make you avoiding certain foods. Also examples of hair loss + nails splitting in this article may indicate other health issues than just vitamin & minerals deficiency – check with your doctor before you decide to buy supplements.

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