Why you should throw your deodorant with aluminium to the trash can…

I have never paid attention to ingredients, especially of deodorants and antiperspirants. The only criteria of choosing one for me was – pretty, but not too strong smell. Well, that was a huge mistake. Check out why.
Have you ever wondered why antiperspirant takes your sweat away and actually makes your armpit even too dry and feel kind of sharp instead of smooth? Is it actually good for you to take the sweat completely away? I wouldn’t be too sure about it. Sweating is a natural process of regulating body temperature and removing toxins from organism. Moreover (point 3, 4) according to Doctor Mercola, sweating:
  1. Maintain proper temperature and keep you from overheating
  2. Expel toxins, which supports proper immune function and helps prevent diseases related to toxic overload
  3. Kill viruses and bacteria that cannot survive in temperatures above 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit
  4. Clean the pores, which will help eliminate blackheads and acne
Obviously none of us wants to smell bad or sweat too much and feel uncomfortable and I don’t think that using a deodorant is a bad idea, but – be careful what you use!
Deodorant or antiperspirant?
Ok, I guess we all decided to get rid off the bad odor but how? There are basically two options: deodorant or antiperspirant. What is the difference between these two?
  • Deodorant – when applied it prevents body odor caused by the bacterial breakdown of perspiration. It means that it allows you to sweat and get rid off the toxins etc., but kills the odor.
  • Antiperspirant – works by preventing perspiration from occurring, in other words it is blocking your sweat.
I know some of us maybe sweat too much in the summer – which is not pleasant feeling and in the summer maybe I would use antiperspirant to block the sweat, but hmm… I can’t risk it, because of…  a l u m i n i u m.img_20170209_114316_781
In majority of antiperspirants available on the market, the active ingredient (sweat blocker) is aluminium. Why aluminium is so bad for you? Aluminium may cause skin irritation and in general it is toxic for your body. Aluminium is connected with: breast cancer (!), Alzheimer’s Disease, bone disorders and even kidney problems! Surprised? I was a little bit, because I used antiperspirants based on aluminium since I was 15… so yes. Great. But now I know and I won’t come back to it.
What deodorant to buy?
I personally recommend to look for organic brands which offer aluminium – free deodorants and also with no artificial fragrances added. It is important to make sure that your deodorant is based on natural oils, because aluinium may not be the only harmful ingredient. 
For example here we have an organic deodorant with the list of natural ingredients available here >> 
I’ve also heard of making your own deodorant, however I’ve never did. It is pretty simple recipe – baking soda (1/2 cup), arrowroot powder (1/2 cup) and coconut oil (until it moist). Did you try it? Does it work? Do you have other recipes or favorite organic brands? Leave a comment! 🙂

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Darbre PD. Aluminum, antiperspirants and breast cancer. J Inorg Biochem. 2005 Sep;99(9);1912-9.


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