Apple cider vinegar for breakouts & acne? Yes!

Do you struggle with breakouts, acne, visible pores? Or just want to have your complexion looking clean and bright? Go to your kitchen and try this natural, easy to make apple cider vinegar toner.
Apple cider vinegar
It may sound weird, but actually it works very well. Why? Because our skin is naturally acidic with a normal pH from 4,5-5,5. If we use daily too strong product (yes we do – that is how most of anti – acne soaps are…) we disrupt this natural skin acidity. What happens when you destroy this acidic mantle of the skin? You do not have a protective layer and germs, bacteria and other disasters can easily get to your pores!img_20170213_150813_394
How apple cider vinegar cures acne
  • brings back skin acidity
  • kills bacteria
  • kills germs
  • removes dust, oil
  • removes dead skin cells
How to make it?
Apple cider vinegar itself is pretty strong (of course – because it is acid) but you can easily mix 1 spoon of ACV with 1-4 spoon of filtered water (depends how sensitive your skin is, I use 1 tsp ACV + 1 tsp of water and I am fine) and apply to your skin with a cotton pad. Apply on your skin after cleansing (like regular toner). That’s it! Effects – you will see right away, because your skin will look much cleaner.
Warnings & tips
  • make sure you do not have damaged skin – it may hurt when you apply acid on it…
  • avoid eyes (and eyes area) contact
  • you use organic, UNPASTEURIZED apple cider vinegar – like mine in the picture bellow
  • Let toner dry, then apply moisturizing, light cream not to make your skin feeling too dry


Have you tried this? How did it work for you? Maybe you recommend other natural toners?

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