TOP 5 TIPS to look & feel beautiful despite hypothyroidism

The title seems like a mission impossible? It does, if you do not know how to treat your thyroid. Hypothyroidism is one of those diseases which ruins you not only from the inside (tiredness, brain fog, even check out that hypothyroidism is often confused with depression!) but also from the outside – bad looking, pale skin, weight gain or loss, hair loss, nails splitting, acne… and I would stop here, because actually this is enough to ruin your well being, isn’t it? But how to overcome it, look & feel beautiful?
The real endocrinologist
First of all, you should find a good endocrinologist (which can be a challenge by the way), who treats you, not the lab numbers. Even though your TSH is in norms, it may be already too high, and you will not be feeling good at all. Read more here and here.thyroid-1405039_640
Observe your body
Your body is trying to tell you everything, you just need to listen (observe) carefully. If you have a problem with hair loss, you may need iron, or biotin. Are you depressed? You may have a D3 vitamin deficiency. Why not try taking some supplements? Sometimes it really helps – in my case I can definitely testify biotin and D3 worked. However make sure by blood tests you really have D3 deficiency – I did have, because I grew up in Northern Europe, but those who grew up in California probably will not have such problem. Do not take D3 if you do not have deficiency, because it may be more harmful than helpful.
As Ancient’s Greeks used to say ‘A Healthy Mind In a Healthy Body’. Are you tired because of thyroid, having no energy & brain fog? Force yourself and go to the gym or workout at home at least 3 times per week – trust me, it is worth it. You’ll feel a way more energized after all. Also your body finally will start looking better. Isn’t it what you want? 😉 physiotherapy-595529_1280
Do not focus on the disease
Hypothyroidism obviously is not a blessing, because it is not normal condition of your thyroid, in fact your body starts doing weird things, but… it is not the end of the world! Do you know how many people suffer from a thyroid disease and how many are not even diagnosed? According to the American Thyroid Association, an estimated 20 million (!!!) Americans have some form of thyroid disease and up to 60 percent of those with thyroid disease are unaware of their condition! You’re not alone.


Take it as an opportunity for a good change
‘How?’ – you’ll ask. ‘I need diet, expensive supplements, what’s the deal here?’ Well, the good thing is that you will finally be aware what you’re eating and how it affects you. This is at least my case – I gave up gluten and diary, I do not eat fast foods and too much super – processed foods (of course I do eat some – because nowadays it is impossible to avoid all of it – unless someone can tell me how?) and this made me feel much better, I am also aware what gliadin in gluten does to me etc. On top of that I think healthy food is just sooo delicious! Who doesn’t love fresh fruits and veggies?


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