Hypothyroidism and eyebrows connection + pretty eyebrows tips

As you know after reading some of my articles, thyroid messes basically with everything (more here and here). One of the most common and visible (!) symptoms of hypothyroidism is eyebrow hair loss – especially outer one third of it. These poor eyebrows may either disappear completely or start thinning.

It may be hypothyroidism
If you see your eyebrows thinning and you haven’t been diagnosed with hypothyroidism it may be actually a good time to have your blood tests done to make sure your thyroid is fine (if you have other symptoms of course). Ok, but what if your eyebrows start to disappear or already did…? First, don’t panic. There are some ways to make eyebrows look pretty no matter if they disappeared already or just started thinning.
Face without eyebrows is like a window without the frame
As my friend – eyebrow stylist told me, eyebrows to face are like a frame to a window. I absolutely agree! Don’t you think face and even eye make up looks much better if your eyebrows are really part of it? It does, but thank to thyroid… some women loosing they “frames” 😦


If you’re loosing eyebrows and it is caused by lovely thyroid, you should get better after taking some thyroid medications. Your hormones gets better, hair and eyebrows too. However, I know growing back your eyebrows is not that easy. You can try natural home made remedies to support eyebrow growth: castor oil, olive oil + honey or coconut oil. Apply gently with cotton pad on your eyebrow or the place where it should be growing… leave for 30 minutes, rinse with warm water.


After some time, if you see some hairs and baby hairs yay! you can start to take care of them, at first by choosing a shape. Each face is different, so are the eyebrows. To choose the best shape for you, I suggest not going too far from your natural eyebrow line. Here you will find a good instructions >> You should also remember not to make eyebrows too thick or too thin – none of these looks nice and natural.


It is good to brush eyebrows with soft brush, so you can stimulate its growth. Also they look much ‘in place’ when you do so. If you have a very long hair, you can trim them a little bit.
This is always a hot topic, because unfortunately many women pluck a way too much of their eyebrows so they stay with a thin, very poor looking line. If you are not sure how to pluck your eyebrows, go to specialist. At least first time, so the stylist can explain and show you how to do it correctly in the future. To avoid these ‘eyebrows’ bellow… oops!


If you feel like you know how to tweeze eyebrows – do it after you take shower. It will help to open pores so unwanted hairs slips out more easily.
Sounds weird? Maybe, but eyebrows like all other parts of your body and face need to be moisturized regularly. You can use a special cream, or just natural oil – I recommend coconut or olive – as I wrote earlier those oils may even help to grow your eyebrows back.
What if you (almost) don’t have eyebrows?
Don’t worry, we hypothyroid women know exactly how you feel… But luckily there are some good solutions.
One of my favorite method of correcting eyebrow shape and filling bald spots is using eyebrow shadows. It gives very natural effect as long as you chose a good shade – not too light and not too dark. Bellow I present my favorite eyebrow shadows – inglot (love the quality, price and fact that they last forever) and more expensive, classic benefit brow zings – this is shadow + wax which gives very nice effect.


You can buy them on inglotusa.com


Brow Zings by benefit available here
Benefit attached brushes to their palette, however I recommend using a professional one which you can buy separately. Painting will be easier when the stick is longer. Also you do not need to buy the most expensive one, what is important – shape of the brush and plus it needs to be a little harder than for example your eye shadow brush.


Chanel available here
Inglot available here
If you feel more like very defined eyebrows shape, you can use pencil instead, shadow with pencil or wax. I personally use shadow only, but I know many brands have much more products to make your eyebrows looking nice.
via pinterest
Those who want to have beautiful eyebrows without using shadows or pencils (for instance on holidays or in a pool…), should consider permanent make up or semi-permanent make up like for instance microblading. It is a form of tattooing, but more like tattoo artistry where pigment is implanted under your skin with a manual handheld tool instead of a machine. This method looks very natural even on blonde color eyebrows, because specialist is drawing lines like real hair on your eyebrows and between your hair. You can enjoy your beautiful eyebrows for 1 to 3 years, depends how your skin type absorbs the pigmentation. Make sure you go to certified technician/salon!
Hope you enjoyed reading. Did you experienced eyebrow loss? How did you make them grow again? Share a comment 🙂

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