Hello Spring! Must have beauty products to welcome spring

Yay! Spring is here. Well, I would probably be even happier for that reason if I still lived in Poland, because here in Texas I didn’t really see real winter this year (in PL was -4 F… here like 40 F) so in Northern Europe they’re REALLY waiting for Spring to come…but let’s just stay in this happy spring-spirit, because why not? 😀
Although winter this year was pretty kind (I’ve seen snow only in New Mexico when we went skiing pic bellow ;))IMG_20170217_182706_018
I am sure general detox, intense skin & hair care are not a bad ideas. I would like to share my spring beauty must-haves for coming season, are you ready?
Face care
Scrub & Moisturizing face mask
My number one on the list is a good scrub & moisturizing face mask. After winter windy weather I noticed I have visibly dry skin around my nose, chin and forehead. It does not look good even if you put on a foundation or BB cream, because dry skin is even more visible. I think a scrub (for example Alba Botanica from this post) plus face mask can really help in this case. Moisturize & refresh your skin for spring. Isn’t it what you need?
I recommend ANDALOU NATURALS masks, for instance avocado cocoa skin food. If you need super moisture right away and you do not like to put on masks like a cream, you can try ready to use fiber sheet masks (I’ve got one, you’ll see in the pic bellow with nail polish)- super easy, super effective and all natural
Do you have any fav masks? Share in a comment, I will be glad to try something new.
Brightening serum
I don’t know why, but my skin during winter was breaking out more often, so now I need to get rid off some red marks. How? By using brightening serum. I just discovered recently this one by Insta Naturals and it works very good!
Hair care
Ok, if face is pretty now it’s time for hair. After winter I usually struggle with dry ends, however this year I am pretty good comparing to previous years. Maybe because I used some argan oil for ends (at least sometimes If I din’t forget…). Anyways, I think you really should first start from scalp detox, before you take care of your ends. Use light, weightless shampoo with fruit or herbs extracts, with no SLS (sodium laureth sulfate – which can only make your scalp worse – read here) and no silicones – they won’t really clean your scalp. Look for natural ingredients like leaf extracts and natural oils. If you have problems with scalp try deep cleansing shampoo like this with tea tree extract by Shea Moisture.
playing with colors… I don’t have silver hair 🙂
Usually this kind of shampoos are pretty strong, you may want to use it just 1-2 week and add conditioner to your daily routine or what I recommend more – hydration hair mask. They work better than conditioners, at least for me, so if you have dry, matte hair or just ends, buy a good hair mask. BUT again – with no silicones and parabens, because this will help you just for a while and just outwardly. Invest in something natural, like this one with amazing Manuka honey or Castor Oil and use at least 3 times per week.
Nails care
I won’t write here too much about nails, you can read more in my older post: Nails & hypothyroidism. I will just share my absolutely favorite spring nail polish colors which are in the picture bellow by Zoya. Love the strong pigmentation, the fact that they do not chip easily and they do not contain formaldehyde ❤
Colors: Kara and Carey
Ok my ladies, with that stuff I am sure you’re ready to welcome spring being glowing & beautiful no matter what! Just remember that beauty starts inside – and no, I don’t want to talk about your soul here – just vitamins & minerals & thyroid and sex hormones. If you have a mess there (hormonal imbalance, minerals/vit deficiency etc.) you’ll never look or feel beautiful. Take care of that first, so you can be sure the products I just recommended will be working for you perfectly.
 Stay awesome!

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My name is Barbara. On this blog I share passion for clean beauty, skin care & non-toxic makeup. Collaboration: cleanbeautyblogger@gmail.com

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