Curology: custom made acne treatment formula by dermatologists online

Do you struggle with acne, clogged pores or black heads? Have you tried almost everything from your drug store from cheap to very expensive products and it does not work? One day I saw my toiletries basket with unfinished creams, gels, and other products for acne treatment and I said to myself: “enough. How much money did I throw away?”.

Hormones will not balance itself
What I have to say at first, if you have hormonal imbalance (like in the case of untreated or not diagnosed thyroid diseases) or too much/too less sex hormones – testosterone, estrogen etc, it will influence your skin condition very much. Here you need to ask your endocrinologist for help. He can prescribe natural thyroid hormones or birth controls to regulate your sex hormones production.Hypothyroidism I do not think any product like cream or soap will help. You may only support your skin by using the most natural, gentle cleansers.
Stop buying labels, start buying ingredients
If you checked your hormones and the levels seem to be fine, you do not eat (or drink!) too much sugar (inflammatory), avoid diary (in some cases may cause acne) and processed foods (fast foods, GMO, etc.), you may be disappointed if acne or clogged pores still appear. What in this case? I guess the first thought is to check internet reviews and go and buy some anti-acne products and wait for the results. But what if the product was good for certain group of people but will be irritating for you? You’ll lose money over and over again.
Most of the products for acne treatment available on the market contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide in various % amounts. While salicylic acid will unclog pores, it does not kill bacteria responsible for acne – so when you stop using product with this ingredient, acne will surely come back. Benzoyl peroxide on the other hand, may be irritating and dry your skin to the point that it will be coming off and leave very dangerous, red scars – very hard to remove and cover (unless you wanna use thick concealer…). Do you still want to experiment?
Experimental methods vs prescribed by a doctor
I did not want to, because my skin was not happy with my experiments, so I decided to go to doctor dermatologist. When I was doing my research I randomly found curology – customized formula to treat acne. How does it work? There is a group of doctors dermatologists, who can make your customized medication formula for only 19,95$ per month. First, you need to fill a short form to tell your doctor: type of your skin, medications you were/are on, everything what can be helpful with your diagnosis. After that, you receive your custom formula cream (15ml per month). You do not need to visit and pay for follow up – you simply upload pictures of your acne progress on your personal curology panel online. Yes it is that simple. Your medication provider is available any time, if you have questions or problems you can text her/him and they will respond – really fast. At the beginning I was skeptical if it was not scam, but because 20$ monthly is not a big deal (comparing to all these creams, gels which I was buying…), I decided to give it a try.
So far I am very happy, my curology provider explains to me in very detailed way how I should take care of my skin daily, what other products to use and what ingredients to avoid. They can even (if they see picture of your improvements or worsening) recommend particular brands of soaps, moisturizers – you would be shocked, but so many cleansers for “acne prone skin” should be actually forbidden, because they clog pores instead, creating more new breakouts. Unfortunately, even products which says on its label: non comedogenic (does not clog pores) may be pore clogging – example? “Gentle” face cleanser actually recommended by some dermatologists Cethapil which contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate (irritant which may worsen acne) and trash like parabens: Metylparaben, Propylparaben, Butylparaben – these ingredients are not good at all.
What I also like about curology – if you notice any problem (too strong active ingredient or something) you can always reach to your provider and ask, so they can change your formula. Also if you still have your medication by the end of the month, you can change the date of delivery. Moreover, I know now how to check my cosmetics ingredients and what to avoid – because my provider sends me articles via curology and FAQ responds are very useful too. I feel like I am finally on a good way to treat my skin like it deserves to be treated.
I really encourage you to try curology out, I have my first bottle and so far I do not see new blemishes, however I experienced ‘adjustment period’ when I had very red break outs and got discouraged… but my provider told me that it is normal, because my pores were clearing out. If you do not like curology at all – you can unsubscribe any time and decide about your own treatment.
Some tips how to fight acne/clogged pores
  • Avoid irritating ingredients like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide
  • Always use sunscreen
  • Use gentle cleanser
  • Do not use harsh scrubs and sponges or brushes
  • Moisturize your skin by light moisturizers (gels, creams with no silicones and no oils – some of them may clog pores)
I will come back some time to share with you my further experiences after using a few bottles, let me know if you’d like to read a review of curology on the blog.
Take care!
***This artice is not sponsored or affiliated, I purchased curology as individual customer

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