First month with Curology – does it work for acne?

Today I want to share a short update about Curology custom formula cream. If you are not sure what I am talking about, you are more than welcome to read previous article about curology.
A month ago, I was desperate to do something with my stubborn acne. I’ve always had a clear skin as a teenager, although my problems started when my thyroid stopped working. I developed a hormonal imbalance at the age of 22. When a doctor put me on levothyroxine, acne improved only for a few months.
As a person who tried all of the brands available on both European & American market, I was skeptical and afraid that curology is a scam or another bad working product. After a month of using curology formula I can tell you – my skin has never been in such a good condition since I’ve became acne fighter few years ago!
After first 2 weeks of using my customized cream formula I did actually notice more redness on my face. New pimples and hurting, bloody zits (ugh!). I got so discouraged. However, after I contacted my online provider, she told me it was normal, because skin has been clearing out. I gave this formula another week and wow! Less clogged pores, no new zits, less red spots. Currently I do not need to wear any make up, just BB cream or something lightly covering my small (luckily small) scars. Isn’t it what we all want, especially for hot summer?
I’ve read a lot of testimonies in the past, but none of them applied to me. Until now. No more describing, simply look at the pictures bellow.
You can see progress from day 1-10 (gosh, cannot believe it’s my skin…)


After 5 weeks of daily usingSmartSelectImage_2017-05-31-19-22-19
Bellow with VERY little makeup (liquid concealer on red scars only)


Also, the bottle which was suppose to be a month supply lasted for more than a month already. Maybe because my acne was on sides of my face – jaw line mostly, so I did not have to put too much of it. I was able to move my next formula delivery with no problems via my curology dashboard (if you log in, yo’ll see yours). I need maybe a few weeks more and I’ll have absolutely perfect skin with no scars! ❤
What do you think about it? Would you give it a try?
See you soon,

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