Synthetic or natural hormones?

There is war on the Internet: which hormone medication is better to take if you suffer from hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s, synthetic Levothyroxine (Synthroid, Tirosint, Levoxyl, Levothroid, Unithroid, and Novothyrox) that has T4 hormone only or Natural hormones containing blend of T3, T4, T1 and T2 (Calcitonin if it is Nature-Throid)? Natural hormones, animal derived are suppose to be more like human hormones. (Nature-throid, Armour). Which medication to chose?

In general, conventional doctors usually prescribe synthetic hormones. Especially in Poland, where I am originally from, there’s no really access to naturally – derived meds. For that reason I was on levothyroxine for over 4 years, but I did not feel better at all. My TSH levels came back to normal, but after some time they went back to high levels. I also became gluten intolerant (or at least started to feel bad sides effects) and at the end I’ve lost weight which in my case is like a suicide. I also felt sleepy and cold (in the summer in… Texas!?), especially my hands and feet. I went to a doctor and got Nature-Throid prescribed.Hypothyroidism
Is it better?
I would say that everything what is natural is better, at least because you put less chemicals to your body which is important to me. Why? Because I do not believe in everything I am told by a doctor (no offends, but some doctors can only prescribe tones of meds, which may actually make your liver overloaded). medications-342462_640The same story with taking supplements: be careful, most of the time those available in your grocery store won’t make you feel better – if you do not know REAL daily VALUES of all vitamins/minerals you should be taking, you’re actually playing let’s call it ‘Russian Roulette’. Values depend on your age, weight, and most importantly on significant deficiencies of a given mineral, vitamin you suffer from.
Nature-throid general impressions
  • no stomachache, no bloating – I was able to start eating SOME gluten again (some means here NOT consuming huge amounts of bread to see your reaction, but that OCCASIONALLY you can have some cookies or pizza etc. if you’ve been gluten intolerant before)
  • no more such often migraines – which was happening sometimes on synthetic levo
  • no weight loss (in my case – on levo I started to lose weight a bit too much)
Cons: I actually did not notice except hair loss BUT I’ve started taking vit B & folic acid which I had deficiency according to my doctor, and hair are getting better, so it may have been for THIS reason – I cannot blame it on nature-throid meds
I’ve been on 50-75mcg levothyroxine, on Nature-throid only 48mcg is already enough for me. My numbers came back to normal (on levo TSH was over 5.5, now 2 months on Nature-throid TSH is around 1,8)
To sum up, I feel better and not planning to switch back to synthetic levothyroxine for now. If you would like to try natural hormones, but you are afraid fore some reason, read more here or here. It depends on what you’re expecting from your meds; just changing the numbers or really treating your thyroid? Of course healthy life style and diet mean a lot, so do not forget to eat more veggies, and less processed foods – which is a challenge nowadays I know, but it is possible. 🙂
Take care!


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