Hypothyroidism and eyebrows connection + pretty eyebrows tips

As you know after reading some of my articles, thyroid messes basically with everything (more here and here). One of the most common and visible (!) symptoms of hypothyroidism is eyebrow hair loss – especially outer one third of it. These poor eyebrows may either disappear completely or start thinning.

It may be hypothyroidism
If you see your eyebrows thinning and you haven’t been diagnosed with hypothyroidism it may be actually a good time to have your blood tests done to make sure your thyroid is fine (if you have other symptoms of course). Ok, but what if your eyebrows start to disappear or already did…? First, don’t panic.¬†There are some ways to make eyebrows look pretty no matter if they disappeared already or just started thinning.
Face without eyebrows is like a window without the frame
As my friend – eyebrow stylist told me, eyebrows to face are like a frame to a window. I absolutely agree! Don’t you think face and even eye make up looks much better if your eyebrows are really part of it? It does, but thank to thyroid… some women loosing they “frames” ūüė¶


If you’re loosing eyebrows and it is caused by lovely thyroid, you should get better after taking some thyroid medications. Your hormones gets better, hair and eyebrows too. However, I know growing back your eyebrows is not that easy. You can try natural home made remedies to support eyebrow growth: castor oil, olive oil + honey or coconut oil. Apply gently with cotton pad on your eyebrow or the place where it should be growing… leave for 30 minutes, rinse with warm water.


After some time, if you see some hairs and baby hairs yay! you can start to take care of them, at first by choosing a shape. Each face is different, so are the eyebrows. To choose the best shape for you, I suggest not going too far from your natural eyebrow line. Here you will find a good instructions >> You should also remember not to make eyebrows too thick or too thin Рnone of these looks nice and natural.


It is good to brush eyebrows with soft brush, so you can stimulate its growth. Also they look much ‘in place’ when you do so. If you have a very long hair, you can trim them a little bit.
This is always a hot topic, because unfortunately many women pluck a way too much of their eyebrows so they stay with a thin, very poor looking line.¬†If you are not sure how to pluck your eyebrows, go to specialist. At least first time, so the stylist can explain and show you how to do it correctly in the future. To avoid these ‘eyebrows’ bellow… oops!


If you feel like you know how to tweeze eyebrows – do it after you take shower. It will help to open pores so unwanted hairs slips out more easily.
Sounds weird? Maybe, but eyebrows like all other parts of your body and face need to be moisturized regularly. You can use a special cream, or just natural oil РI recommend coconut or olive Рas I wrote earlier those oils may even help to grow your eyebrows back.
What if you (almost) don’t have eyebrows?
Don’t worry, we hypothyroid women know exactly how you feel… But luckily there are some good solutions.
One of my favorite method of correcting eyebrow shape and filling bald spots is using eyebrow shadows. It gives very natural effect as long as you chose a good shade – not too light and not too dark. Bellow I present my favorite eyebrow shadows – inglot (love the quality, price and fact that they last forever) and more expensive, classic benefit brow zings – this is shadow + wax which gives very nice effect.


You can buy them on inglotusa.com


Brow Zings by benefit available here
Benefit attached brushes to their palette, however I recommend using a professional one which you can buy separately. Painting will be easier when the stick is longer. Also you do not need to buy the most expensive one, what is important – shape of the brush and plus it needs to be a little harder than for example your eye shadow brush.


Chanel available here
Inglot available here
If you feel more like very defined eyebrows shape, you can use pencil instead, shadow with pencil or wax. I personally use shadow only, but I know many brands have much more products to make your eyebrows looking nice.
via pinterest
Those who want to have beautiful eyebrows without using shadows or pencils (for instance on holidays or in a pool…), should consider permanent make up or semi-permanent make up like for instance microblading. It is¬†a form of tattooing, but more like¬†tattoo artistry where pigment is implanted under your skin with a manual handheld tool instead of a machine. This method looks very natural even on blonde color eyebrows, because specialist is drawing lines like real hair on your eyebrows and between your hair. You can enjoy your beautiful eyebrows for 1 to 3 years, depends how your skin type absorbs the pigmentation. Make sure you go to certified technician/salon!
Hope you enjoyed reading. Did you experienced eyebrow loss? How did you make them grow again? Share a comment ūüôā

Alba Botanica Acne Dote Face & Body Scrub REVIEW

Today I am gonna review for you Alba Botanica Acne Dote Face & Body Scrub. What caught my attention is that this scrub is 100% natural with no parabens and any synthetic fragrances, which seemed to be perfect for my sensitive, breakouts prone skin.
What producer says about scrub:
  • Treats and helps prevent breakouts for squeaky-clean, clear skin
  • Foaming scrub with ground walnut shell is tough on backne but naturally gentle enough for daily facial cleansing
  • 100% vegetarian ingredients
  • No animal testing
  • NO: parabens, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances20170215_130209.png
My impressions
I would say it is a mild (not too delicate, yet not too strong) scrub. I used it daily for my face & neckline area¬†for about 3 weeks. When I opened the tube I saw brown colored scrub. It surprised me a bit, because the box is white-green so I was expecting something lighter. Anyways, this is just a color ūüôā


Scrub smells like mint & crashed walnut/hazelnut which for me it was not an amazingly pleasant scent, but also not too bad. When you apply scrub on your face – oh my goodness! I really like how it feels on my skin, and after I rinsed my face with water, I felt it very refreshed – probably because scrub contains peppermint. Skin was smoother, brighter, refreshed and did not feel too dry.
Does it work for acne?
Active ingredient here is salicylic acid. This type of acid may help with milder acne, but not if you suffer from really bad, hormonal, cystic acne. It helps to unclog pores to resolve lesions, however it does not kills bacteria. So it means that if you stop using product with salicylic acid, your pores comes back to previous condition. In my case it helps to calm down my skin, but the best thing is that I could finally got rid off dead skin (which is sometimes visible after I dry my breakouts with tea tree oil or zinc cream). In general, I found my skin cleaner & brighter Рbecause as I was saying Рthis scrub removes dead skin cells & oil from the skin amazingly.
Time to give my points; where 1 means ‘I don’t like it’, 5 means ‘I love it’
package: 4 (sometimes I get too much of this scrub – so I don’t know if the consistency could be thicker or tube could have smaller ending)
consistency: 5
fragrance: 3
effectiveness: 5 
price: 5 (very reasonable 6-9$ for 8oz)
availability: 5 (from target to whole foods + online)
Would I buy it again? Yes
To sum up, I am not fan of the scent, but I like how effective this scrub is. However the fragrance is not a problem, and at least I am sure it is 100% natural. For more diligent & curious readers – bellow the review I present the list of ingredients. I hope you found this review helpful. Do you know other organic scrubs? Do you recommend anything?
Active: Salicylic acid 2% – Acne Treatment
Other: Aqua (water), aloe barbadensis leaf juice, sodium laurylglucosides hydroxypropylsulfonate, cocamidopropyl betaine, juglans regia (walnut) shell powder, glycerin, spiraea ullmaria extract, lens esculenta (lentil) fruit extract, glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice) rhizome/root, hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel) extract, salix alba (willow) bark extract, citrus aurantium bergamia (bergamot) fruit oil, citrus aurantium dulis (orange) peel oil, menta piperita (peppermint) oil, algin, allantoin, citric acid, panthenol, cellulose gum , sclerotium gum, xanthan gum, ethylhexylglycerin, phenoxyethanol, citral, limonene, linalool.

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Apple cider vinegar for breakouts & acne? Yes!

Do you struggle with breakouts, acne, visible pores? Or just want to have your complexion looking clean and bright? Go to your kitchen and try this natural, easy to make apple cider vinegar toner.
Apple cider vinegar
It may sound weird, but actually it works very well. Why? Because our skin is naturally acidic with a normal pH from 4,5-5,5. If we use daily too strong product (yes we do – that is how most of anti – acne soaps are…) we disrupt this natural skin acidity. What happens when you destroy this acidic mantle of the skin? You do not have a protective layer and germs, bacteria and other disasters can easily get to your pores!img_20170213_150813_394
How apple cider vinegar cures acne
  • brings back skin acidity
  • kills bacteria
  • kills germs
  • removes dust, oil
  • removes dead skin cells
How to make it?
Apple cider vinegar itself is pretty strong (of course – because it is acid) but you can easily mix 1 spoon of ACV with 1-4 spoon of filtered water (depends how sensitive your skin is, I use 1 tsp ACV + 1 tsp of water and I am fine) and apply to your skin with a cotton pad. Apply on your skin after cleansing (like regular toner). That’s it! Effects – you will see right away, because your skin will look much cleaner.
Warnings & tips
  • make sure you do not have damaged skin – it may hurt when you apply acid on it…
  • avoid eyes (and eyes area) contact
  • you use organic, UNPASTEURIZED apple cider vinegar – like mine in the picture bellow
  • Let toner dry, then apply moisturizing, light cream not to make your skin feeling too dry


Have you tried this? How did it work for you? Maybe you recommend other natural toners?

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Why you should throw your deodorant with aluminium to the trash can…

I have never paid attention to ingredients, especially of deodorants and antiperspirants. The only criteria of choosing one for me was Рpretty, but not too strong smell. Well, that was a huge mistake. Check out why.
Have you ever wondered why antiperspirant takes your sweat away and actually makes your armpit even too dry and feel kind of sharp instead of smooth? Is it actually good for you to take the sweat completely away? I wouldn’t be too sure about it. Sweating is a natural process of regulating body temperature and removing toxins from organism. Moreover (point 3, 4) according to Doctor Mercola, sweating:
  1. Maintain proper temperature and keep you from overheating
  2. Expel toxins, which supports proper immune function and helps prevent diseases related to toxic overload
  3. Kill viruses and bacteria that cannot survive in temperatures above 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit
  4. Clean the pores, which will help eliminate blackheads and acne
Obviously¬†none of us wants to smell bad or sweat too much and feel uncomfortable and I don’t think that using a deodorant is a bad idea, but – be careful what you use!
Deodorant or antiperspirant?
Ok, I guess we all decided to get rid off the bad odor but how? There are basically two options: deodorant or antiperspirant. What is the difference between these two?
  • Deodorant –¬†when¬†applied it prevents body odor caused by the bacterial breakdown of perspiration. It means that it allows you to sweat and get rid off the toxins etc., but kills the odor.
  • Antiperspirant –¬†works by preventing perspiration from occurring, in other words it is blocking your sweat.
I know some of us maybe sweat too much in the summer – which is not pleasant feeling and in the summer maybe I would use antiperspirant to block the sweat, but hmm… I can’t risk it, because of… ¬†a l u m i n i u m.img_20170209_114316_781
In majority of antiperspirants available on the market, the active ingredient (sweat blocker) is aluminium. Why aluminium is so bad for you?¬†Aluminium may cause skin irritation and in general it is toxic for your body. Aluminium is connected with: breast cancer (!), Alzheimer’s Disease, bone disorders and even kidney problems!¬†Surprised? I was a little bit, because I used antiperspirants based on aluminium since I was 15… so yes. Great. But now I know and I won’t come back to it.
What deodorant to buy?
I personally recommend to look for organic brands which offer aluminium Рfree deodorants and also with no artificial fragrances added. It is important to make sure that your deodorant is based on natural oils, because aluinium may not be the only harmful ingredient. 
For example here we have an organic deodorant with the list of natural ingredients available here >> 
I’ve also heard of making your own deodorant, however I’ve never did. It is pretty simple recipe – baking soda (1/2 cup), arrowroot powder (1/2 cup) and coconut oil (until it moist). Did you try it? Does it work? Do you have other recipes or favorite organic brands? Leave a comment! ūüôā

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Darbre PD. Aluminum, antiperspirants and breast cancer. J Inorg Biochem. 2005 Sep;99(9);1912-9.


How to choose the best beauty supplement?

There are so many supplements and vitamins available on the market nowadays. In the pharmacies, local stores we can see huge shelves full of colorful bottles and jars. Online we can find even more… but which supplements are really helpful? How not to get crazy with them all? Today I will show you how to choose best beauty supplements for women.

Track, then attack!

If you do not want to get crazy with a variety of supplements, you should try to find out what is your main problem first. Hair loss, acne, weak nails? The supplement for hair growth will not help with acne etc. and also from experience I can tell that if something is for everything (like some of multivitamins for almost every problem of your life) it won’t help with anything… why? Because this one supplement will not provide all of sufficient amounts of vitamins & minerals you need. For example; biotin to work for hair growth (especially for those with hypothyroidism – read 7 essential nutrients for optimal thyroid¬†function)¬†have to be taken at least in amount of 10 000 mcg (10mg), but I found that often in multi-supplements/vitamins there is only like 300 mcg of biotin – which is really too little if you already have hair-loss problem.
On the other hand, if you have splitting nails, you may research a little bit on the internet and you’ll find out that you need vitamins from B group, calcium and zinc. Then, you should focus on those supplements which contains exactly these vitamins and minerals which you need, but in a bigger amounts. My point is – hit the spot. You do not need complicated ingredients which just fill the capsules in very little amounts – you need to find the source of the problem and then beat it!


Research tips

It is hard to decide which brand to choose. I also noticed that sometimes in local stores unfortunately the prices are higher than for instance on amazon. Amazon have another helpful feature – users opinions & reviews. If the people who bought it before you are not happy, there is a high possibility you won’t be either. Check some comments before you click ‘add to cart’, so your chances to avoid disappointment increases. However, you have to be careful with buying online – some supplements, mainly liquids – may be delivered in a leaky bottle (I had once such a story), some also may be fake – make sure you are buying from trusted seller.Placeholder Image
Tip: try not to focus on a reviews on a website of particular brand, because they sometimes buy users opinions – this is why they always have 5 stars! Not fun. Check on a few websites and amazon – this is the best way from my personal experience.

My TOP beauty supplements

Beauty surely is inside you, but do not be foolish – with thinning hair, acne on face and splitting nails you neither look nor feel too attractive. Right? If you already found out that you have hypothyroidism or other condition ruining your health and appearance and you take certain medications (hormones etc.), you may want to support yourself with supplements. Here you go. Bellow I present my top hair & nails & skin supplements. However, what worked perfectly for me, may not be that great to you, but I really, really recommend to find it out on your own ūüôā
  1. Stress Management Calivita – I got this supplement in Europe and it works amazing. The name suggests that it manages stress (maybe…), but for me it worked amazingly for nails and hair growth! This is supplement mostly contains vitamins from group B. You can find in USA a lot of supplements containing vitamins from group B – make sure the amounts are pretty big, so you will notice that your nails and hair are stronger.
  2. Herpanacine – skin support system. This supplement has a crazy amounts of vit A (12500Ul = 250% daily value) & E (100Ul covering 333% of daily value). Vit A & E are crucial for skin health. It also contains Zinc and Selenium – all of this together creates a great skin boost! It is also free of dairy, wheat, sugar, artificial preservatives, flavor or fragrance. Yay!
  3.  Country Life Biotin 10mg Рthis product did wonders when I was struggling with extremely bad hair loss. Although it took a month to see the results, the effect was worth it. I highly recommend this type of biotin!
  4. Collagen type 1 & 3 Рthis supplement is available in powder or capsules. As for me, it helped with the skin which is visibly brighter while taking this powder and not that dry anymore. Also nails looks much better & shiny. It contains 6000 mg of collagen + vit C to help you absorb collagen. More >>> 
  5. ¬†Floradix iron in Herbs – we usually connect iron with anemia and that is correct, but actually this element is crucial to stop hair loss even if you do not have anemia condition. I used to have iron deficiency and I tried a lot of iron tablets even prescribed – which were working really bad for me – constipation, vomiting, bloating or all of it together ūüė¶ A friend recommended to me this one and I can testify that it is amazing – it contains vitamin C which helps to absorb the iron and also it is natural, made with herbs. Tastes herbal, but more like sweet syrup.
    I hope my guide helped you a little bit, so next time you will buy your supplement much faster and it will be working for your particular condition. Remember that obviously the best source of vitamins and minerals are foods, and supplements are just to help with the deficiency, not to make you avoiding certain foods. Also examples of hair loss + nails splitting in this article may indicate other health issues than just vitamin & minerals deficiency Рcheck with your doctor before you decide to buy supplements.

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Charcoal soap – natural skin detox

We got used to nice smelling soaps and gels in beautiful, colorful bottles. When I heard about charcoal first time, I wasn’t really enthusiastic. Black, not too good – looking (and smelling) soap bar, which I am suppose to clean my face and body with? Hmm… why is it worth it?
Charcoal – definition
Activated charcoal‘ is similar to common charcoal, but is made especially for use as a medicine. To make activated charcoal, manufacturers heat common charcoal in the presence of a gas that causes the charcoal to develop lots of internal spaces or ‘pores’. These pores help activated charcoal trap chemicals.
Activated charcoal is used to treat poisonings, reduce intestinal gas (flatulence), lower cholesterol levels, prevent hangover, and treat bile flow problems (cholestasis) during pregnancy. Activated charcoal is good at trapping chemicals and prevents their absorption. Webmd.com

How can charcoal soap help your skin?


Clarify & detox
During the day our complexion gets dirty by environment around us. Dust, toxins & sebum causes our pores to be clogged. At the end of the day you may even see some black heads on your face, which obviously doesn’t look nice. Charcoal soap can help you to take the dirt out of your pores and make your skin feel and look clean & fresh. The antibacterial properties of charcoal can also help with various skin infections (red spots) or prevent them.
Smaller pores
When your pores are cleansed, they are not visible. If you use charcoal soap regularly, you should notice significant difference. Your pores will become smaller and less visible!
Fighting with acne
Acne can be very bothering and annoying. Charcoal soap is really helpful if you have oily skin, prone to acne. It makes your skin clarified, producing less sebum (too much sebum causes clogged pores, infection and acne). Be careful: this soap may make your skin too dry when using too much, so what I recommend: wash only problematic areas using charcoal soap. This way will help you to dry just desired spots and make your acne less visible. Of course charcoal will not heal you from hormonal acne – you should know the root of your problem – but it may support your acne treatment in a very good way.
Face – beautify products with activated charcoal
There are many products available in the market containing charcoal. If you are gonna buy charcoal powder to make your own face mask, you should check if charcoal it is¬†made from coconut shells or identified wood species that¬†have ultra-fine grains. Remember – activated charcoal is NOT the same as barbecue charcoal, you’d better do not put this stuff on your face. ūüôā I recommend natural charcoal soap from Pacha Soap – available here or in Whole Foods Market. This soap contains also lemongrass and peppermint essential oils, which not only smell nice and are natural, but also prevent from dehydration of your skin. Another products which I do recommend are face masks with activated charcoal. They may be mixed with clay or some organic oils like this one available here. Before you buy it, spend some time to check the ingredients, some of those masks contains too much fragrances and additional, unnecessary ingredients causing allergies. Do not focus on beautiful smell, this mask is suppose to be the treatment. 15-30 minutes with charcoal on your face is not a tragedy, but may give you a really good results.
Have you tried charcoal? What do you think about it? Share a comment bellow!

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