6 Tasty, Gluten Free and Vegetarian Snacks

If you don’t believe that healthy, gluten free, vegetarian foods may be delicious, that’s alright. However, check out these delicious and nutritious snacks ideas, before you make any negative comment about this kind of foods ever again.

I limit gluten in my diet consequently. Eating less grains makes me feel and function better: no brain fog, no chronic fatigue, no stomach ache (more reasons why I am avoiding gluten: Modern Wheat – hidden killer). Since I was a kid, I also was not a big meat lover – this has actually never changed, so why I have to look for some vegetarian options too. Although sometimes I am lacking of ideas what to eat, I am not giving up. No matter what side of the audience you are: gluten is good, gluten is bad, diet or no diet, vegetarian or meat lover – healthy snacks are something everyone should look out for. Bellow you’ll find some of my favorite and super easy (I don’t like to cook, but I enjoy eating) ideas.

Hummus & fresh veggies

Hummus is made from cooked and mashed chickpeas or other beans, blended with tahini (toasted ground hulled sesame seeds), olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic. It is delicious source of dietary fiber, B vitamins, and several dietary minerals. If you add to it peppers, celery and carrots, you’ll have an ideal vitamin combo, boosting your energy as needed! If you are on GF diet, but you really miss bread, you may look for some gluten-free toasts.hummus-1057998_1920


Quinoa is gluten-free, excellent source of protein. It is one of the few plant foods that contain all nine essential amino acids. Quinoa is high in magnesium, B-vitamins, iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin E and various antioxidants. Sounds healthy, but is it tasty? The answer is definitely yes. There are many ways you can use quinoa for: salads, soups, veggies or crusted chicken. I love salads with quinoa – yummy and filling, but super light! Here are my favorite recipes with quinoa: Cooking with Quinoa: 38 recipes.quinoa-1822176_1920

Oatmeal with fruits & yogurt

Here we go with snack or breakfast menu. Gluten free oatmeal don’t taste much different than regular ones and when you add your favorite fruits and Greek yogurt to it, it’s a game changer. Fiber, antioxidants and probiotics (from yogurt) in one, tasty bowl!berries-1846085_1920

Cheese skewers

This is something for Italian cuisine enthusiasts: mozarella cheese, cherry tomatoes, olives, fresh basil. All you need is a few toothpicks to put your ingredients together, some olive oil, lemon juice and italian spices for dressing (optional). Doesn’t it make your mouth watery already?antipasta-1645401_1920

Cous-cous stuffed peppers

This snack may seem more complicated, but it is worth it. You can actually use this recipe for dinner too or just make it the day before and pack to your lunch box. You need: bell peppers, cous-cous, feta cheese, can of chickpea. After you get rid off the seeds from peppers and cut the tops off, boil them with salt for about 10 minutes. Prepare cous-cous on separate sauce pan. Blend together chickpea and cous-cous (use blender), stir in feta. Stuff your peppers and bake in the oven (in 350F) for about 15 minutes. You can bake them with parmesan on top (and slice of tomato like I did bellow). It is one of my favorite vegetarian recipes invented, because that was all I had in my refrigerator. 😀IMG_20171003_123912_857

Chia coconut pudding

This snack can be an amazing dessert or breakfast. You need: 1/4 cup chia seed, 1 cup light or full-fat coconut milk and fruits of your choice. Simply blend all together and put to the refrigerator for about 6 hours (or let it set in refrigerator overnight, so it will be perfect in the morning). You may add a spoon of honey, fruits and enjoy! I like it with mango, figs and peaches (like in my pic. bellow). It tastes good with any type of fruits, depends what you like. smartselectimage_2017-10-12-12-46-38.png

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Let me know if you tried any of those recipes and how they worked for you. Hope you’ll enjoy! 🙂


Synthetic or natural hormones?

There is war on the Internet: which hormone medication is better to take if you suffer from hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s, synthetic Levothyroxine (Synthroid, Tirosint, Levoxyl, Levothroid, Unithroid, and Novothyrox) that has T4 hormone only or Natural hormones containing blend of T3, T4, T1 and T2 (Calcitonin if it is Nature-Throid)? Natural hormones, animal derived are suppose to be more like human hormones. (Nature-throid, Armour). Which medication to chose?

In general, conventional doctors usually prescribe synthetic hormones. Especially in Poland, where I am originally from, there’s no really access to naturally – derived meds. For that reason I was on levothyroxine for over 4 years, but I did not feel better at all. My TSH levels came back to normal, but after some time they went back to high levels. I also became gluten intolerant (or at least started to feel bad sides effects) and at the end I’ve lost weight which in my case is like a suicide. I also felt sleepy and cold (in the summer in… Texas!?), especially my hands and feet. I went to a doctor and got Nature-Throid prescribed.Hypothyroidism
Is it better?
I would say that everything what is natural is better, at least because you put less chemicals to your body which is important to me. Why? Because I do not believe in everything I am told by a doctor (no offends, but some doctors can only prescribe tones of meds, which may actually make your liver overloaded). medications-342462_640The same story with taking supplements: be careful, most of the time those available in your grocery store won’t make you feel better – if you do not know REAL daily VALUES of all vitamins/minerals you should be taking, you’re actually playing let’s call it ‘Russian Roulette’. Values depend on your age, weight, and most importantly on significant deficiencies of a given mineral, vitamin you suffer from.
Nature-throid general impressions
  • no stomachache, no bloating – I was able to start eating SOME gluten again (some means here NOT consuming huge amounts of bread to see your reaction, but that OCCASIONALLY you can have some cookies or pizza etc. if you’ve been gluten intolerant before)
  • no more such often migraines – which was happening sometimes on synthetic levo
  • no weight loss (in my case – on levo I started to lose weight a bit too much)
Cons: I actually did not notice except hair loss BUT I’ve started taking vit B & folic acid which I had deficiency according to my doctor, and hair are getting better, so it may have been for THIS reason – I cannot blame it on nature-throid meds
I’ve been on 50-75mcg levothyroxine, on Nature-throid only 48mcg is already enough for me. My numbers came back to normal (on levo TSH was over 5.5, now 2 months on Nature-throid TSH is around 1,8)
To sum up, I feel better and not planning to switch back to synthetic levothyroxine for now. If you would like to try natural hormones, but you are afraid fore some reason, read more here or here. It depends on what you’re expecting from your meds; just changing the numbers or really treating your thyroid? Of course healthy life style and diet mean a lot, so do not forget to eat more veggies, and less processed foods – which is a challenge nowadays I know, but it is possible. 🙂
Take care!


First month with Curology – does it work for acne?

Today I want to share a short update about Curology custom formula cream. If you are not sure what I am talking about, you are more than welcome to read previous article about curology.
A month ago, I was desperate to do something with my stubborn acne. I’ve always had a clear skin as a teenager, although my problems started when my thyroid stopped working. I developed a hormonal imbalance at the age of 22. When a doctor put me on levothyroxine, acne improved only for a few months.
As a person who tried all of the brands available on both European & American market, I was skeptical and afraid that curology is a scam or another bad working product. After a month of using curology formula I can tell you – my skin has never been in such a good condition since I’ve became acne fighter few years ago!
After first 2 weeks of using my customized cream formula I did actually notice more redness on my face. New pimples and hurting, bloody zits (ugh!). I got so discouraged. However, after I contacted my online provider, she told me it was normal, because skin has been clearing out. I gave this formula another week and wow! Less clogged pores, no new zits, less red spots. Currently I do not need to wear any make up, just BB cream or something lightly covering my small (luckily small) scars. Isn’t it what we all want, especially for hot summer?
I’ve read a lot of testimonies in the past, but none of them applied to me. Until now. No more describing, simply look at the pictures bellow.
You can see progress from day 1-10 (gosh, cannot believe it’s my skin…)


After 5 weeks of daily usingSmartSelectImage_2017-05-31-19-22-19
Bellow with VERY little makeup (liquid concealer on red scars only)


Also, the bottle which was suppose to be a month supply lasted for more than a month already. Maybe because my acne was on sides of my face – jaw line mostly, so I did not have to put too much of it. I was able to move my next formula delivery with no problems via my curology dashboard (if you log in, yo’ll see yours). I need maybe a few weeks more and I’ll have absolutely perfect skin with no scars! ❤
What do you think about it? Would you give it a try?
See you soon,

Curology: custom made acne treatment formula by dermatologists online

Do you struggle with acne, clogged pores or black heads? Have you tried almost everything from your drug store from cheap to very expensive products and it does not work? One day I saw my toiletries basket with unfinished creams, gels, and other products for acne treatment and I said to myself: “enough. How much money did I throw away?”.

Hormones will not balance itself
What I have to say at first, if you have hormonal imbalance (like in the case of untreated or not diagnosed thyroid diseases) or too much/too less sex hormones – testosterone, estrogen etc, it will influence your skin condition very much. Here you need to ask your endocrinologist for help. He can prescribe natural thyroid hormones or birth controls to regulate your sex hormones production.Hypothyroidism I do not think any product like cream or soap will help. You may only support your skin by using the most natural, gentle cleansers.
Stop buying labels, start buying ingredients
If you checked your hormones and the levels seem to be fine, you do not eat (or drink!) too much sugar (inflammatory), avoid diary (in some cases may cause acne) and processed foods (fast foods, GMO, etc.), you may be disappointed if acne or clogged pores still appear. What in this case? I guess the first thought is to check internet reviews and go and buy some anti-acne products and wait for the results. But what if the product was good for certain group of people but will be irritating for you? You’ll lose money over and over again.
Most of the products for acne treatment available on the market contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide in various % amounts. While salicylic acid will unclog pores, it does not kill bacteria responsible for acne – so when you stop using product with this ingredient, acne will surely come back. Benzoyl peroxide on the other hand, may be irritating and dry your skin to the point that it will be coming off and leave very dangerous, red scars – very hard to remove and cover (unless you wanna use thick concealer…). Do you still want to experiment?
Experimental methods vs prescribed by a doctor
I did not want to, because my skin was not happy with my experiments, so I decided to go to doctor dermatologist. When I was doing my research I randomly found curology – customized formula to treat acne. How does it work? There is a group of doctors dermatologists, who can make your customized medication formula for only 19,95$ per month. First, you need to fill a short form to tell your doctor: type of your skin, medications you were/are on, everything what can be helpful with your diagnosis. After that, you receive your custom formula cream (15ml per month). You do not need to visit and pay for follow up – you simply upload pictures of your acne progress on your personal curology panel online. Yes it is that simple. Your medication provider is available any time, if you have questions or problems you can text her/him and they will respond – really fast. At the beginning I was skeptical if it was not scam, but because 20$ monthly is not a big deal (comparing to all these creams, gels which I was buying…), I decided to give it a try.
So far I am very happy, my curology provider explains to me in very detailed way how I should take care of my skin daily, what other products to use and what ingredients to avoid. They can even (if they see picture of your improvements or worsening) recommend particular brands of soaps, moisturizers – you would be shocked, but so many cleansers for “acne prone skin” should be actually forbidden, because they clog pores instead, creating more new breakouts. Unfortunately, even products which says on its label: non comedogenic (does not clog pores) may be pore clogging – example? “Gentle” face cleanser actually recommended by some dermatologists Cethapil which contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate (irritant which may worsen acne) and trash like parabens: Metylparaben, Propylparaben, Butylparaben – these ingredients are not good at all.
What I also like about curology – if you notice any problem (too strong active ingredient or something) you can always reach to your provider and ask, so they can change your formula. Also if you still have your medication by the end of the month, you can change the date of delivery. Moreover, I know now how to check my cosmetics ingredients and what to avoid – because my provider sends me articles via curology and FAQ responds are very useful too. I feel like I am finally on a good way to treat my skin like it deserves to be treated.
I really encourage you to try curology out, I have my first bottle and so far I do not see new blemishes, however I experienced ‘adjustment period’ when I had very red break outs and got discouraged… but my provider told me that it is normal, because my pores were clearing out. If you do not like curology at all – you can unsubscribe any time and decide about your own treatment.
Some tips how to fight acne/clogged pores
  • Avoid irritating ingredients like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide
  • Always use sunscreen
  • Use gentle cleanser
  • Do not use harsh scrubs and sponges or brushes
  • Moisturize your skin by light moisturizers (gels, creams with no silicones and no oils – some of them may clog pores)
I will come back some time to share with you my further experiences after using a few bottles, let me know if you’d like to read a review of curology on the blog.
Take care!
***This artice is not sponsored or affiliated, I purchased curology as individual customer

Secret Revealed: Best Way to Lose Weight if You Have Hypothyroidism

As many of you know from your own experience, hypothyroidism is connected to a difficulty to maintain desired shape. This side effect of hypothyroidism changes life of many patients, especially women. Even though I personally do not experience this problem, I decided to invite Kate B. Forsyth to reveal the secret: how to lose unwanted pounds?

Secret Revealed: Best Way to Lose Weight if You Have Hypothyroidism
Guest post by Kate B. Forsyth
Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid condition) occurs when the thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormones that the body needs to function. The hormones that the thyroid gland produces play an important and essential role to your health, and they also affect all areas of your metabolism: they are responsible for the proper use of fats and carbohydrates in your body, help control your body temperature, influence the heart rate, and also help regulate the production of proteins.
Hypothyroidism symptoms reminder
There may be so many symptoms indicating your thyroid bad condition. The most common include: feeling of tiredness (fatigue), increased sensitivity to cold, dry skin, thinning hair, constipation, depression, muscle weakness, impaired memory, slowed heart rate, and weight gain.
Let’s focus on the last one – difficulty to maintain a healthy weight. It is all because metabolism in low thyroid condition slows down. Another thing is that your body may be swelling, because of hormonal imbalance.
Fortunately, you can still go ahead and shed those extra pounds the healthy way. It’s not going to be easy, but it is possible.
Dr. Westin Childs is a firm believer in healthy weight loss even if you have hypothyroidism. He is a physician practicing functional medicine. He specializes in balancing hormones for long-lasting weight loss, and he specifically focuses on treating hypothyroidism, leptin resistance, and insulin resistance. He has several case studies of some of his real-life patients that he has helped. You can read all about it here.
So to get you started on your road to a healthier and more svelte you, here are some tips to remember.
Maintain Thyroid Medication
It is essential to work hand in hand with your doctor to determine which type of medication works best for you. Deciding on the right dosage is important as well. Keep in mind that unless your thyroid hormones are corrected, losing weight the healthy way will be difficult.Hypothyroidism
A few things to remember about your medications is that it should be taken on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, and then washed down with plenty of water. Don’t take it with any other medication. Also, wait for around 30 minutes to an hour before eating breakfast.
Go Gluten-Free
According to Tina Beaudoin, president of the New Hampshire Association of Naturopathic Doctors, if you avoid gluten in your food, this will help you with your hypothyroidism. How? Well, gluten has a high content of goitrogens. These interfere with iodine uptake and also suppress thyroid functions. When people get rid of gluten in their diets, there is a steady decrease in their antibodies, however not in every case – some Hashimoto’s patients noticed an increase of their antibodies after giving up on gluten, however at the same time they lost weight or at least noticed better metabolism. The choice is yours.Gluten-Free-2
Goodbye to Simple Carbs and Sugars
It’s time to get rid of junk food and those sweets you like. Make sure to also stop taking in flavored drinks (yes, juices included), alcohol, white bread, most cereals, and packaged food. Refined sugar and simple carbs make up a large portion of the excess calories a person takes in every day.Stop-Carbs-and-Sugar
It is recommended that people with hypothyroidism go on a moderate- to low-carbohydrate diet that focuses on complex carbs. Doing this reduces the production of cytokines, tiny proteins that influence inflammation in the body.
Eat More Anti-Inflammatory Food
Food with anti-inflammatory properties eases aching joints and pains and also soothes depression. Also, these foods eases the immunity system as it goes into overdrive in people with hypothyroidism. Some examples of anti-inflammatory food are leafy green vegetables, fruit, fatty fish, nuts, and olive oil.Anti-Inflammatory-Food
Eat More Vegetables and Protein
In order to lose weight effectively and healthily when you have thyroidism, it’s best if you stock up on vegetables and food with high protein content. Protein is a key ingredient in weight loss. It has the unique ability to reduce your appetite while keeping you full longer. Some examples of food high in protein are eggs, seafood, meat, nuts legumes, and dairy.Vegetables-and-Protein
Vegetables also make sure you are getting the right amount of nutrients that your body needs. They also provide you with healthy fiber, which feeds the healthy bacteria found in the gut.
Go Exercise
We all know that exercise is an important component in burning calories. Many successful weight loss stories always involve some kind of exercise. Keep in mind that you don’t have to go all out and all at once. Start slow, like maybe going for long walks or lifting small weights. Low-intensity exercises are just as effective as high-intensity workouts when it comes to losing weight.Exercise
About the author
Kate B. Forsyth is a writer for Be Healthy Today, who specializes in health and nutrition. Her passion is to help people get an overall transformation of health that lasts a lifetime. In her blog posts, she goes beyond research by providing health-concerned citizens doable and simple tricks to achieve a healthier lifestyle.
Edited by Barbara
Natural products & healthy lifestyle passionate, hypothyroidism fighter. Founder and writer of iamthyroidtoday.com
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Shea Moisture weightless shampoo & volume + conditioner review

Long/medium length hair looking flat a few hours after blow drying or straightening? The s(h)ame hair day everyday and no ideas how to change it? Find out how I got rid off this problem.

My hair were long, shiny and naturally straight since I remember. Sounds good right? Everyone is buying straighteners to make hair look like that, but I am not happy, what is wrong with me? First of all my hair looked the same every day, second of all because of hypothyroidism they started thinning in some periods of the treatment and third of all – most annoying thing – they had no volume. I was trying to make them look bigger by using some sprays while blow drying, but it all worked for like 30 minutes and made them oily few hours later.
Researcher mode on
I started to research about ingredients of shampoos and conditioners and found out all that (I’ll be very honest…) trash which they put to almost all of the drugstores average priced products. Parabens, silicones etc. The list is long. I wanted to find something that does not built silicone layers on my delicate, naturally blond hair. I went to one of the stores and there I found – Shea Moisture Weightless shampoo with coconut water & dragon’s blood (I know sounds a bit creepy) & coffee cherry conditioner. What happened when I tried them?IMG_20170412_110428_405
Fruit Fusion Coconut Water Weightless Shampoo
According to the producer:
SheaMoisture’s Fruit Fusion Coconut Water Weightless Shampoo is a sulfate-free shampoo that gently cleanses and hydrates hair weightlessly. Certified organic Shea Butter and Coconut Water blend with our proprietary fusion of Dragon Fruit, Lychee Berry and Green Apple Extracts to nourish and energize lifeless hair. Vitamin-rich Imbe Oil blocks humidity to help control frizz while Aloe adds weightless shine.
They also assure that shampoo is:
  • Made with natural and certified organic ingredients.
  • Fruit Fusion is a blend of fresh Dragon Fruit, Lychee Berry and Green Apple Extracts infused with coconut water to boost lifeless hair.
  • 100% Pure Coconut Water hydrates and nourishes hair with vitamins and minerals.
  • Imbe Oil is a vitamin rich oil that locks in moisture and protects and hair weightlessly.
I don’t know what you think, but for healthy nut like me this sounds just amazing!
First impressions
In the nice bottle you find orange-transparent shampoo, which smells like very delicate fruits with a hint of coconut. The consistency is more like liquid than a gel, so if you did not use organic shampoo before – you’ll have to get used to it. I washed my hair twice like I usually do. Shampoo created pretty nice foam so after I rinsed it off my hair felt very fresh and clean.
I put SheaMoisture Dragon’s Blood & Coffee Cherry Volume+ Conditioner right away for my ends only, even though producer recommends “from roots to ends”. I was afraid of having too moisturized hair (they are really healthy already).
What producer says about this product:
SheaMoisture Dragon’s Blood & Coffee Cherry Volume+ Conditioner is a lightweight formula that moisturizes and conditions thinning hair at its weakest points, reducing falling for a fuller, thicker look.
  • Made with natural and certified organic ingredients
  • Dragon’s Blood Extract, a rich resin, coats strands to help to promote a fuller appearance
  • Coffee Cherry Extract is rich in antioxidants and invigorating caffeine.
  • Black Currant Oil is a natural source of gamma-linolenic acid known to promote healthy hair growth.
This product consistency is like a standard conditioner, but it is not too heavy – you can feel a difference between this one and the ones with silicone. I like the bottle with pump – 1 pump is enough for ends of medium length hair, 2 pumps I would say for long hair. The conditioner smells a m a z i n g ! I don’t know how to describe the smell, but I really loved it and also it stays on hair until next wash – same as shampoo by the way. I do not know if it reduces hair falling, because I do not have problem right now, but maybe it prevents it if you use it for a longer period.
Shampoo is my new favorite: it is natural and smells delicate, leaving hair clean & shiny & weightless – my husband uses this shampoo and he likes it too! The only thing – I do not know why – I noticed my hair a little bit more static prone after I use this shampoo – but my husband’s hair acts normal. I am still checking if it is this shampoo’s fault or my hair spray.
Conditioner: I usually buy masks instead, but they did not have this one in a store, so I choose this product. What I love is the smell, consistency and fact that it leaves my hair shiny & detangles them already in the shower. I also love the bottle with pump – very useful.
Would I buy it again? Absolutely yes, however Shea Moisture offer such a variety of products, so I am excited already to try another ones too. My problem with flat hair has just been resolved. Weightless shampoo is really weightless which provides better looking, fuller hair. Especially now, when I cut them 10 inches down and wearing lob.


Top chlorella benefits

Source of nutrients, immune system booster, undoubtedly super food. Sounds unreal? Let me introduce my new friend – chlorella. This green algae has amazing properties which can be helpful even in some cases of hypothyroidism.
About chlorella
Chlorella is an algae mainly from Taiwan and Japan. This protein is rich with phytonutrients, including amino acids, chlorophyll, beta-carotene, potassium, phosphorous, biotin, magnesium and the B-complex vitamins. (soure: Dr. Axe) Wow! This is what you need to support your thyroid and feel more energized, isn’t it? 
pills-234633_1280Top 5 chlorella benefits 
#1 Immune system support
Chlorella has been found to preserve the function of important immune cells, what has  been shown in the research from Nutrition Journal. Chlorella supports a healthy immune system response and helps “natural killer” cell activity. (detailed research available here). This means that if you suffer from hypothyroidism and your body is prone to produce more antibodies (leading to more serious than hypothyroidism – Hashimoto’s disease) – chlorella supplementation may reduce this risk. However I found various opinions, because chlorella may contain some iodine which is very controversial. Iodine actually helps with hypothyroidism (check on American Thyroid Association), but some people are so afraid of iodine in their diet. (Especially if you have autoimmune thyroid condition!)
#2 Healthy skin
One of the most common problems in hypothyroidism is too dry skin and sometimes acne. What happens after acne is obvious – you have some skin discolorations or even scars. There is a good news for you – some studies have shown that treatment using chlorella can help with the effects of scars on the skin. Also because chlorella detoxifies your liver, all of the toxins are removed from your organism, so your skin becomes cleaner. Chlorella also increases the levels of vitamin A in your body, so automatically your skin looks younger! Isn’t it a good news?
#3 Loosing weight
Most people with hypothyroidism struggle to loose weight. Chlorella supports hormonal function which helps your metabolism. According to  Journal of Medicinal Food,
patients taking chlorella had noticeable reductions in body fat percentage, serum total cholesterol, and fasting blood glucose levels.
#4 Joint health  #5 Heavy metals detox 
Chlorella contains chlorophyll – that is why it is bright green. This natural, cleansing substance fights inflammation associated with joint pain (naturalnews.com). Chlorella is rich in minerals, which also may help if you suffer from joint pain.
What is more, joint pain is often worse when your body is full of toxic substances; chemical pesticides and heavy metals (for instance mercury). Chlorella added to your smoothie detoxify your cells and tissues.
A 1-ounce (3 tbsp) serving of chlorella contains:
  • Protein—16g
  • Vitamin A—287% RDA
  • Vitamin B2—71% RDA
  • Vitamin B3—33% RDA
  • Iron—202% RDA
  • Magnesium—22% RDA
  • Zinc—133% RDA
    (source: Dr Axe)
You can find chlorella in powder as well as in pills. I recommend powder, probably less processed than pills, although because it tastes pretty strong, I will keep adding it to my smoothies only (1/2 tbsp of chlorella powder + pineapple + mango + 2-3 dates to make it sweeter + lemon & water should taste good together). Try it and let me know how it worked for you 🙂
Do you want to know more? Are you afraid of chlorella sides effects? Go to behealthy.today 


Have you ever tried chlorella before? If you know any other proteins good for thyroid health, let me know in a comment bellow.
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