Do you know what is in your perfumes? Skylar – fragrances crafted with care.


Clean beauty journey is not the easiest. Thoroughly checking ingredients, constantly educating yourself – that takes time and effort. I am not sure why it took me so long to realize what is in my perfumes. Maybe the fact that I love them so much and used since I was 15? Or maybe that I did not like any of ‘natural’ fragrances I’ve tried, so why I was ready to compromise. Whichever it was, it does not matter now. I know what is in my consciously crafted perfumes and I found my favorite scents from Skylar– clean, hypoallergenic perfumes.

Why you should care what is in your perfumes

Not everyone realizes, but most of the perfumes sold in stores are derived from petrochemicals (yes, even the well-known, traditional brands advertised by famous models & actors). These chemicals include toxins that are hormone disruptors, toxins that are linked to cancer, nervous system disorders or allergies in the best case. What scares me even more; companies in the U.S. are not required to disclose what is hidden under the word ‘fragrance’, which means it can be almost any amount of nearly 3000 toxic ingredients used to produce perfumes… Pretty risky to spray them all over your body, isn’t it? That’s why I reached for a safer, cleaner alternative: Skylar.

Skylar crafts their beautiful fragrances using clean, conscious ingredients. Their hypoallergenic scents are formulated without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, allergens, animal derived ingredients, and synthetic dyes. Also, they do not use big amounts of essential oils which (surprising) are the culprits behind many allergies. 

Skylar test

I must admit that I was a little skeptical to try Skylar scents, since I’ve seen many bloggers rave about them. I simply thought these fragrances must somehow be overrated. I gave them a try and I have to admit, Skylar’s done an incredible job! Scents that I tested: Capri – described as citrus, sparkling, sweet and Isle – beachy, dewy, fresh.

Capri: Imagine the sunset at the beautiful beach, wind in your hair, relaxing sound of waves… this is Capri. It brings back my best summer memories just a few seconds after application. I love its crispiness, fruity aromas of grapefruit and blood orange and delicate bergamot. It blends with my pH amazingly, resulting in the perfect, personalized, sweet scent I was looking for. Summer perfection!

Isle: I could describe this scent in only two words: pure elegance. Fresh notes of citrus blend with sandalwood result in somehow powdery, yet fresh scent. I love it for the summer, but it will also work for colder months; bringing back the ocean vibes.

Wearing time: I’d say Capri stayed on me a bit longer than Isle, both however lasted about 5-6 hours. I enjoyed reapplying though! 🙂 


I think Skylar is a great, affordable fragrance. They have options starting at an affordable $20. They’re now available in Sephora as well! Skylar’s collection of clean, hypoallergenic fragrances won’t disappoint, with so many options, I’m sure everyone will find their favorite. If you’re not sure which scent is perfect for you, there is no better way than trying them all. How? Skylar’s made it very easy: grab your sample kit here:

Have you tried clean perfumes yet? What are your favorite brands? 

All products provided by Skylar for the review. The opinion is 100% honest and mine. This post contains affiliate links – if you buy product through the links in this post, I earn a small commission which helps to improve my blog. Thank you for your support ❤