6 Tasty, Gluten Free and Vegetarian Snacks

If you don’t believe that healthy, gluten free, vegetarian foods may be delicious, that’s alright. However, check out these delicious and nutritious snacks ideas, before you make any negative comment about this kind of foods ever again.

I limit gluten in my diet consequently. Eating less grains makes me feel and function better: no brain fog, no chronic fatigue, no stomach ache (more reasons why I am avoiding gluten: Modern Wheat – hidden killer). Since I was a kid, I also was not a big meat lover – this has actually never changed, so why I have to look for some vegetarian options too. Although sometimes I am lacking of ideas what to eat, I am not giving up. No matter what side of the audience you are: gluten is good, gluten is bad, diet or no diet, vegetarian or meat lover – healthy snacks are something everyone should look out for. Bellow you’ll find some of my favorite and super easy (I don’t like to cook, but I enjoy eating) ideas.

Hummus & fresh veggies

Hummus is made from cooked and mashed chickpeas or other beans, blended with tahini (toasted ground hulled sesame seeds), olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic. It is delicious source of dietary fiber, B vitamins, and several dietary minerals. If you add to it peppers, celery and carrots, you’ll have an ideal vitamin combo, boosting your energy as needed! If you are on GF diet, but you really miss bread, you may look for some gluten-free toasts.hummus-1057998_1920


Quinoa is gluten-free, excellent source of protein. It is one of the few plant foods that contain all nine essential amino acids. Quinoa is high in magnesium, B-vitamins, iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin E and various antioxidants. Sounds healthy, but is it tasty? The answer is definitely yes. There are many ways you can use quinoa for: salads, soups, veggies or crusted chicken. I love salads with quinoa – yummy and filling, but super light! Here are my favorite recipes with quinoa: Cooking with Quinoa: 38 recipes.quinoa-1822176_1920

Oatmeal with fruits & yogurt

Here we go with snack or breakfast menu. Gluten free oatmeal don’t taste much different than regular ones and when you add your favorite fruits and Greek yogurt to it, it’s a game changer. Fiber, antioxidants and probiotics (from yogurt) in one, tasty bowl!berries-1846085_1920

Cheese skewers

This is something for Italian cuisine enthusiasts: mozarella cheese, cherry tomatoes, olives, fresh basil. All you need is a few toothpicks to put your ingredients together, some olive oil, lemon juice and italian spices for dressing (optional). Doesn’t it make your mouth watery already?antipasta-1645401_1920

Cous-cous stuffed peppers

This snack may seem more complicated, but it is worth it. You can actually use this recipe for dinner too or just make it the day before and pack to your lunch box. You need: bell peppers, cous-cous, feta cheese, can of chickpea. After you get rid off the seeds from peppers and cut the tops off, boil them with salt for about 10 minutes. Prepare cous-cous on separate sauce pan. Blend together chickpea and cous-cous (use blender), stir in feta. Stuff your peppers and bake in the oven (in 350F) for about 15 minutes. You can bake them with parmesan on top (and slice of tomato like I did bellow). It is one of my favorite vegetarian recipes invented, because that was all I had in my refrigerator. 😀IMG_20171003_123912_857

Chia coconut pudding

This snack can be an amazing dessert or breakfast. You need: 1/4 cup chia seed, 1 cup light or full-fat coconut milk and fruits of your choice. Simply blend all together and put to the refrigerator for about 6 hours (or let it set in refrigerator overnight, so it will be perfect in the morning). You may add a spoon of honey, fruits and enjoy! I like it with mango, figs and peaches (like in my pic. bellow). It tastes good with any type of fruits, depends what you like. smartselectimage_2017-10-12-12-46-38.png

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Let me know if you tried any of those recipes and how they worked for you. Hope you’ll enjoy! 🙂