Beautiful smile? No problem! CariPro ultrasonic electric toothbrush review

‘A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear’ – I can’t agree more with this. I’ve always been aware how important the oral care is, in fact as a little girl I never skipped dentist visits and I brushed my teeth regularly. Later on as an adult I even bought myself an electric toothbrush, however my gums were too sensitive – they started bleeding and I had to go back to the traditional brushing routine, using soft bristles toothbrush.
After few years, I’ve invested in Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Brush and this really changed my idea of clean teeth. They became visibly cleaner, smoother and my gums weren’t bleeding! Unfortunately, this was not a cheap thing (over 200$ for toothbrush!) and also, replacement heads are not very durable – they last 1-2 months and they are pretty expensive (26$ for 2).

Smile Brilliant CariPro – first impressions

When I got CariPro in my hands, I thought it looked very similar to Sonicare Diamond Clean from Philips. But there are some differences.

How to use ultrasonic toothbrush?

Ultrasonic brushes are very different from traditional brushes. An ultrasonic toothbrush usesa very high frequency of vibration, which is referred to as ultrasound to remove plaque and bacteria from the teeth. In fact, you do not need to use so much physical motion as you do with traditional brush. How do I know it? Well, I’ve used Sonicare Diamond Clean, but I had to youtube how, because they did not attach the proper explanation. CariPro explains everything very well and provides pictures how to use their toothbrush.

Too long or too short?

There is a common opinion that you should brush teeth from 2 to 3 minutes. But how do you do that, do you set timer? I don’t think so. CariPro has a great built in system with brief pauses between each 30 second burst. That way, you know exactly when to move to a different quadrant of the mouth. Isn’t it great? I haven’t had it in any toothbrush before.

1 brush 5 options

Yes! You’ve read it right. CariPro toothbrush has five different option of brushing your teeth, from simply cleaning, to whitening, massage, gum care and sensitive mode. I think all of them are useful, I particularly like whitening and gum care mode ❤IMG_20181105_165047_114

Which brush is mine?

When you buy something new, people in your household also want to try it. In my case it is my husband. And that’s great, but… here is the thing – Philips Sonicare heads look totally the same and it makes it super easy to me to use his brush by accident (oops, sorry hun). Which maybe is not a tragedy if it happens once, but still, I would like to use only mine toothbrush, don’t you? And here we go: CariPro comes with 2 different electric toothbrush heads colors (bottom part) blue and grey, which makes life easier! It may seem like little thing, but in my opinion it is very convenient. Also, CariPro has added tongue scraper which really is the game changer.

Heavy duty

It is obvious the ultrasonic toothbrush has to fit the battery in it. Even though both Philips and CariPro charge easily (CariPro is suppose to last up to 30 days without charging, I used it for 2 weeks and it still works so far), Philips feels much heavier in hand. It happened to me that brush slide out of my hand… so I appreciate lightweight CariPro with matte, waterproof finish, because it is not slippery at all.


There is one more thing worth noticing: the prices. Sonicare Diamond Clean with 5 modes, one case and one head costs 199.99$. And you can buy more replacement heads for 2 for 26$. CariPro with 5 modes, 2 heads costs 119$, and replacement heads you can get for 13$ for 2. You can do the math…
To sum up, I love both toothbrushes: Philips Sonicare Diamond clean cleans teeth very well, also it has modern, very pretty designs and colors as well as plenty of convenient add ons as case or glass charger, however prices are also higher. I think it depends on what you really need, but CariPro as a cheaper version of Diamond Clean does really good job and it… kind of stole my smile! 😉

Want to give it a try?

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Hope you’ll like your new purchase, let me know in the comments! Remember that there is nothing better to wear than a beautiful smile.IMG_20180225_193451_139


CariPro Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush, that I was able to test for this review purposes thank to Smile Brilliant.

Organic Oral Care Revolution. WooBamboo Review & Giveaway!

Woo bamboo is oral care, eco-friendly brand with great mission: creating products that accomplish the same goals as the current products on the market, while being generally better for the environment. And they definitely are doing great job!

All WooBamboo products are packaged in recycled and recyclable materials. Toothbrush handle is completely biodegradable, made of antimicrobial, organically grown bamboo that is healthy for your mouth and doesn’t harvesting a germ fest on the handle like regular toothbrushes do.

Eco-friendly and stylish

I’ve been using WooBamboo biodegradable floss, bamboo toothbrush and fluoride free vanilla-mint toothpaste for two weeks now. First thing you can see is simple yet pretty design of the toothbrush and toothpaste tube – I know these are little things, however I really appreciated how neat toothpaste tube looked standing itself next to my bathroom sink on a cute bamboo cap!

Soft brushing

I really enjoyed soft bristles of a toothbrush, especially that I struggle sometimes with bleeding gums. Bamboo brush did not make me bleeding at all, but it washed my teeth just great.

Taste this paste!

If you are having a hard time with too strong toothpaste flavors, or you are looking for something your children will love, look no longer. Delicate taste of WooBamboo fluoride free, vanilla-mint toothpaste will be perfect for you and your children. I personally used this paste before bed time, since in the morning I prefer to use some stronger mints.20180606_135459

Get rid of cavity 

Seems like many people find it hard to believe that flossing really matters. Let me tell you – you’ll avoid most of the teeth problems by flossing everyday! Biodegradable floss by WooBamboo is very easy to use, and very hygienic since you do not even fully remove floss from the package – just the amount you need.

To sum up, WooBamboo products worked great, I’ll be purchasing more brushes for a simple reason – if you have guests, you can give some brushes to them and make them conscious about how many plastic brushes they are wasting yearly… Bamboo is biodegradable, antimicrobial and works just as good as plastic toothbrushes (or better!).

If you like this eco-friendly alternative, head now to my instagram profile for a chance to WIN toothpaste, toothbrush, and floss!  

If you’d like to purchase more products, get 20% discount with code CLEANBEAUTYBLOG20 on WooBamboo!

Disclaimer: all products have been provided by WooBamboo, however reviews on blog & instagram are 100% honest and mine.